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Commercial Water Damage Restoration - Chicagoland IL

Commercial Water Damage: What do I do if a pipe bursts at my business?

    Water damage in office buildings, churches, schools, multi-family residential buildings and homes caused by burst pipes is an enormous inconvenience and hazard to property managers, homeowners, and landlords alike. Take these steps after a pipe burst and follow our safety tips and recovery recommendations.

    reopening offices safely after coronavirus

    Reopening Offices After Coronavirus: How to Maintain Safety

      Stay-at-home orders are lifting across the nation, and offices are preparing to welcome employees back. However, with a global pandemic still looming, it’s ultra-important for businesses to ensure they are ready to reopen safely after coronavirus closures. In doing so, there are specific steps business owners need to take to prevent the spread of COVID-19 as employees return to the office.