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National Fire Prevention Month 2014: Some Fire Safety Tips for Chicago Homeowners


ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons helps you create a fire safety plan in Chicago, IL.

The National Fire Protection Association and Boy Scouts of America have deemed October National Fire Prevention Month, and for good reason. As we switch seasons into fall and winter, the risk of fire damage increases greatly. Furnaces, jack-o-lanterns, and holiday lights all contribute to the added need for a fire prevention plan. ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons provides fire restoration to Chicago, IL and has seen first-hand the effects of having a plan versus being caught unprepared.

Step One: Have an evacuation plan.

The most important part of any fire prevention plan in your home or office building is that you and everyone else gets out safely. Plan where to meet up a safe distance from your building. Make sure everyone in your home or office knows the plan.

Step Two: Know where the important documents are.

After the flames have been put out, you’ll need to start the claim process with your insurance company. It’s always a great idea to have these documents in one place, preferably a fire-proof box. You’ll need your policy, your insurance agent’s contact information, and the most recent inventory of your home or office. Best practices suggest taking a photo inventory of your most valuable items, including jewelry, appliances, and new renovations.

Step Three: Call ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons

When you gather documents for your fire preparedness box, make sure you put in the business card for ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons. For years, we have been providing fire restoration services for Chicago homes and businesses, and we have a track record of getting your building back up and running as quickly as possible. We have a 24/7/365 emergency hotline, so our fire restoration process can start almost immediately.

Fire damage can be avoided, but it is not always 100% preventable, even with every precaution taken. When you need fire restoration in Chicago, IL, just call ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons. We’ll help you get back on your feet and ease your mind during this stressful time.