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This Independence Day, Prevent Chicago, IL Fire Damage Restoration Needs with Firework Safety


    ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons provides fire damage restoration in Chicago, IL and the nearby suburbs

    In less than a month, cities across the US will be organizing Independence Day celebrations. With an abundance of fireworks with varying legalities, it’s important to know the state and local regulations that are in place to help prevent fire damage in Chicago homes and businesses. ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons has prepared some safety tips and reminders so that you can have a safe and enjoyable holiday. If the unthinkable happens, call on us for emergency fire damage restoration services in Chicago, IL.

    The safest way to enjoy your holiday is to attend a professional fireworks display put on by either the city, township, or county. These shows are run by professionals that have the proper equipment and safety measures in place to prevent a fun, enjoyable event from turning into a fire damage nightmare. These are considered pyrotechnic displays, and are allowed depending on the views of the local government.

    Consumer fireworks are items such as fountains, repeaters, and parachutes. These are also regulated by local governments and municipalities. On Independence Day, fireworks account for 2 of every 5 house fires reported, most caused by consumer fireworks products.

    Novelty fireworks are the type that most everyone is familiar with. These include sparklers and party poppers and, as small grade fireworks, are not regulated by the local government. They can cause serious fire damage and injury if not handled properly. There are a few things to keep in mind while enjoying sparklers before the big fireworks show:

    • Sparklers burn at temperatures of up to 1200⁰ F and remain very hot, long after that spark is out.
    • Supervise children closely and make sure that sparklers are held an arms length away from the body.
    • For optimum safety, have a fire extinguisher nearby.
    • Place used sparklers in a metal container filled with sand or water while waiting for them to cool.
    • After cooled, sparklers can be placed in the trash for disposal.

    In 2011, firework displays cause around 18,000 reported fires, including fire damage to cars, houses, and yards. Fire safety is extremely important to having a safe holiday celebration.

    When a fireworks display goes rogue, you can find yourself with severe fire damage restoration needs in the Chicago area. Once the flames are put out, there’s only one call you need to make: ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons. Our fire damage restoration services are available 24/7, even on holidays. Don’t wait to start repairing the damage from fire and smoke; call us immediately.


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