Ice Dam Water Damage Repair for Chicago Homes

Freezing weather brings about beautiful scenery around the the holiday season, but also the risk of ice dams forming on roofs. Ice dams can cause major water intrusions that require extensive water damage repair services. Fortunately, ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons can help with your water damage repair needs in Chicago!

Ice dams occur as the result of snow melt. When the temperature rises above 32 degrees, the snow on your roof will start to melt and run down the shingles. Snow melt can also be caused by heat loss due to inadequate home insulation. As water flows downward, it contacts colder areas at the eaves of the roof, refreezes, and forms an ice dam.

Once the ice dam has started to form, the continual runoff of melting snow will add to the ice at the edge of the roof and effectively block water from draining correctly. This puts your home at risk for water damage due to water intrusion through your roof.

Roofs are made to repel water, but ice dams force water up and under shingles. Water only seeks to obey gravity. Once it finds an unobstructed path it will continue downwards, which may be on the inside of your home through the wood, insulation and drywall. This will cause major problems, but there are water damage repair solutions that trusted professionals can offer. ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons is a great company that can help formulate a plan and resolve your water damage situation due to ice dams.

If you experience ice dams on your roof and water intrusion into your home, please call ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons for your water damage repair needs in Chicago, IL.

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