How to Hide a Carpet Stain until Professional Carpet Cleaning in Chicago IL

Chicago, IL Carpet Cleaning by ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons

It’s happened to everyone: a rouge glass of wine or soda gets knocked to the ground or some delicious spaghetti misses your mouth and ends up on the floor. Mom always said you should eat at the table and not in the living room. Maybe we should have listened! Or maybe your beautiful carpet is now stained from fire or water damage. Not to fear, though. ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons offers professional carpet cleaning in Chicago, Il  to remove stains and refresh your carpet.

Until we can get there, here are a few tips for covering new (and old) stains:

Rearrange the furniture. This is the simplest solution, and it was probably time for some Feng Shui in your home anyway. Until a professional carpet cleaning can be performed on your carpets, try moving furniture over the stain to hide it from view. Just don’t forget it’s there or you’ll have a nasty surprise when the next stain appears!

Adjust the lighting. Changing the position of the lighting in the room can help hide stains. Try a dimmer lamp, or angled light to help hide the stain. A less harsh light can help the eye skim over stains on the carpet.

Cover the stain with an area rug. Try to only do this in low traffic areas. Repeated trips over the stain may grind it into the carpet fibers further and make it even harder to remove during the carpet cleaning process.

If the stain is fresh, there are a few things you can do to reduce the severity. Soak up extra moisture with paper towels, or better yet, with shop rags from your local hardware store. Whatever you do, DO NOT rub the stain. Make sure to blot the carpet stain to remove color.

Of course, the best choice is to call your favorite carpet cleaning company. When you need carpet cleaning in Chicago, IL, don’t wait to call ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons until you can’t rearrange your furniture anymore. Contact us, and we’ll help you keep your design freedom and freshness in your home.

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