Battling Smoke Odors and Residue in Evanston and Chicago, IL

Chicago, IL fire and smoke damage restoration from ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons

Have you ever entered a home or office and immediately wondered where the fireplace is? It smells like there should be a fireplace in the room where you’re standing, but there isn’t. The odor you’re sensing may well be the residue from a structural fire in the recent or not so recent past. It appears clean…someone has done a reasonable job of cleaning the interior of the rooms and repairing the damage, and they’ve even repainted thinking the new paint would cover the remaining odors. Needless to say, that’s not how fire and smoke damage restoration should be done. In Evanston and Chicago, ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons can get rid of the smoke odors once and for all.

Residue from smoke can land anywhere and contaminates everything it touches. It can move in all three dimensions and seep through any opening, even into appliances, closed cabinets, and drawers. Soot, grime, or oily residue can end up on papers and books by infiltrating bookcases and filing systems. Interior surfaces of closets and cupboards are often affected, as are undersides of furnishings and any kind of electrical equipment. Perhaps the greatest concern is smoke particles in furnace and air conditioning ducts. If they remain, they can re-circulate throughout a building, spreading the dirt and odors all over again.

It’s important to act quickly to begin fire damage and smoke damage cleanup.  Residues can contain chemicals that can react with each other to form corrosive or toxic substances and cause further damage. Whether it’s your home or place of business, you want the first impression to be a positive one, not that of a lingering odor. Don’t risk having to pay for fire and smoke damage restoration more than once. In Evanston and Chicago, call ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons and be confident that the job is done properly the first time.

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