Common Types of Bacteria in Chicago Carpets

Get them out with our carpet cleaning services.

carpet-bacteria-300x224-2Everyone knows carpets collect dirt and dust, but most people aren’t aware of the amount of bacteria that could be thriving on your carpeted floors. Fortunately, at ServiceMaster Cleaning by Simons, we offer extensive carpet cleaning services in Chicago, IL. Our professional and extremely thorough staff will clean dirt, stains, and even bacteria from your carpet fibers.

These following types of bacteria are some of the most common living in carpets—residential or commercial. They can be the source of a range of symptoms from allergies to fevers:

Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus: This pathogen is resistant to penicillin and is often brought into the home by the athletes of the family. It clings to gym bags, shoes, and socks if they aren’t washed often. If it gets into cuts on the skin, it can cause irritated red bumps and even more serious symptoms over time. Our carpet cleaning products and methods can take care of this germ even when penicillin can’t.

Campylobacter: This bacteria is especially virulent during winter. It dwells in wet galoshes and snow boots where it clings to socks and is finally dropped off onto the carpet. It can cause a disease called campylobacteriosis whose symptoms include diarrhea, cramping, and fever. We can zap this one with our carpet cleaning services too.

Micrococcus: This pathogen can be especially dangerous for those with weakened immune systems. It causes bad skin infections, meningitis, septic shock, and more. To keep it out of the home, call us for our carpet cleaning services.

Norovirus: As the name denotes, this pathogen is a virus and not a bacteria. It is exceptionally nasty and can survive up to six weeks in your carpet before finding a home in your body. As soon as something rolls over the carpet, the Norovirus becomes airborne and able to infect. Vacuuming helps by minimizing dust, but to ensure pathogen-free flooring, take advantage of our carpet cleaning services.

These bacteria and pathogens might sound scary, but they can be treated and removed. Even if you aren’t sure whether they are in your carpets or not, the best you can do for you and your family’s health is to call us.

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