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Karen York

What is your business?
Organize Me is a Professional Organizing business. As a Professional Organizer, I help my clients clear their lives, homes, and offices of clutter and confusion, improve their organization and storage, and create systems and new behaviors so that they stay organized.
How long have you been in business?
I’ve been organizing since I was a little girl, and formerly started my business almost 7 years ago–right after the horrible rainstorms that left 8 inches of water in our basement–leaving me to organize the clearing out, storage, and organization for our own months-long restoration and rehab project!
Where do you operate?
I have clients from Bridgeport to the Gold Coast all the way up to Waukegan and west to 294. My office is my SUV and my cell phone!
Background info:
I’m a naturally organized person. I have a Master’s Degree in Organizational Psychology–adult learning theory, motivation, behavior modification, and interpersonal psychology. I rely on my degree everyday to understand my client’s natural habits and thought processes so that I can then guide them to create new, lasting habits and stay organized.
Words of wisdom:
Don’t be embarrassed! A lot of the time people feel embarrassed about their disorganization, and are afraid to call or let anyone in their home to help–which keeps them from moving forward. As I always tell people, we ALL need help with something…I don’t cut or color my own hair, do my own taxes, or manage my own healthcare–because I’m not good at it, and there are others who are better qualified than I am to do it. Organizing is exactly the same.
Contact Info:
The best way for someone to begin getting organized is to visit my website at: www.organize-me.biz.
Phone: (847)-571-5167
Email: info@organize-me.biz to schedule a FREE consultation visit.