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Why You Should Use a Professional for Water Damage Repair Projects in Chicago


    Professional Water Damage Restoration in ChicagoHave you ever had a water leak due to a DIY home remodeling project? Maybe you installed your own garden style bath tub, or replaced the dishwasher, and things just didn’t go as planned. You likely had a significant amount of water leaking into your home, and the solution was to use up all the clean (and dirty) bath towels to sop up the mess. You cleaned away the water you could see, but what about the water that leaked through the carpet or under those baseboards? It’s that exact question that should lead you to call ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons for water damage repair in Chicago.

    Something as small as not applying enough thread seal tape on a water supply pipe can cause long term water damage. A small dripping leak is a big warning. At some point that pipe joint will fail. The small drip will become a mini Niagara Falls, and torrents of water will gush unchallenged into your home. Hopefully you’re in the house when it happens.  If not…well, the results could be devastating. Water will soak into and under floorboards, saturate sheetrock, permeate walls, and work its way downward throughout your entire home structure. In a matter of minutes you’re facing a major water restoration project because floors, walls and ceiling may be water damaged beyond your repair abilities.

    Okay, that may be a worst-case scenario, but even the smallest bit of water damage may need a professional’s restorative touch. The main problem is that generally only the water you see gets cleaned up. The unseen water that soaks into the flooring or between the baseboards could be rotting away your walls or floor boards. If you call a professional cleaning company you’ll save yourself time and money along with reducing health risks, which could promote mold growth.

    If you are weekend Do-It-Yourselfer, please make sure you are properly cleaning your project area, including completely drying up all water leaks. If you have doubts about your water spill cleanup skills, call ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons for water damage repair in Chicago.


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