Why Spring Is a Perfect Time for Deep Carpet Cleaning in Chicago, IL

Spring cleaning is a long-practiced tradition, and for good reason. The restlessness most of us feel when wintery weather finally subsides is a big cause of cleaning frenzies. Spring is also the perfect time to clear out all the dust and stale winter air.

If you only get your carpets cleaned once a year (though we recommend a more frequent clean), then spring is the optimal time to get the most out of the experience. At ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons, we provide professional carpet cleaning in Chicago, IL, whether it’s spring or not!

But why is spring cleaning such a common tradition around the world? Of course it feels good to have fresh air and a clean house after the stuffy winter, but there are some scientific reasons behind it as well.

The transition between dry air in the winter and humid air in the summer happens during the spring. This means that spring is the peak time for allergens like mold and bacteria to grow in the warm, moist air and in your damp carpets. When you remove these allergens from your carpets during spring cleaning, it significantly decreases the chances of them spreading through your home during the course of the summer months.

Spring is also the best time for a thorough cleaning because it’s a time when the weather is warm enough to allow fresh outdoor air to circulate throughout your home before the summer bugs hatch. If you tried to clean during the summer, there would a greater chance for ticks, fleas, bed bugs, mites, and a whole range of creepy crawlies to come into your home and inhabit your carpets.

These are just a few sanitary reasons why spring is the best time for a deep clean, but there are countless reasons related to decreasing stress and increasing well-being. Spring cleaning is a powerfully ingrained tradition in many religions and cultures. If you practice spring cleaning, don’t forget to include your carpets!

Spring is our busiest season, so make sure to contact us at ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons soon for thorough carpet cleaning services in Chicago, IL.

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