Flood Season in Chicago, IL

ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons provides Flood Cleanup and Damage Restoration in Chicago, including neighborhoods like Gold Coast, Lincoln Park, and Wicker Park

You may not associate the late summer season with flooding, but in the Midwest, it’s something you need be aware of and also understand your risk. Flooding affects many families, and not just those with houses near bodies of water or in the floodplain. If you find yourself dealing with flood water damage in Chicago, IL, call ServiceMaster by Simons for all your flood repair needs.

Maybe you live near a lake or stream but your house is high enough to not have to worry about flooding. That’s good, but other flood concerns exist. You may experience water damage due to a plumbing problem such as a burst pipe or leaking water heater. A storm can flood the city sewer system causing your home to suffer backed up water mixed with sewage. This can be the worst type of flood damage because you could be dealing with fecal matter and other contaminants that were in the sewers and have now entered your home. If this happens to you, you need water damage repair professionals on site immediately to help reduce risks of property damage and health concerns.

Professional flood damage repair teams will have the proper equipment to handle the cleanup of flooding on many levels. From a small plumbing leak to thousands of gallons of water, ServiceMaster by Simons professionals are available 24/7 to help resolve your problems. They have over 50 years of experience with water damage repair in homes business, and even large warehouses.

If you have been affected by flood damage and you need help, please do not delay. Call ServiceMaster by Simons for all your water damage repair needs in the Chicago, IL area.

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