When it Comes to Carpet Cleaning, The Proof is in the Pile

When you think about commercial or residential carpet cleaning services, you may not have thought about the cleaning process. However, the process is vital. The method by which a carpet is cleaned makes the difference between a carpet that is extraordinarily clean and one that has only had dirt removed from the surface. When a carpet isn’t cleaned thoroughly, soil left behind in the carpet pile causes wear and tear that can shorten the life of the carpet. For carpets that are “deep down” clean, ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons uses a carpet cleaning process that leaves your carpet really clean and renewed.

Other carpet cleaning companies often provide a process like this:

  • Vacuum carpet
  • Spray trouble spots
  • Wet the carpet with cleaner and water
  • Extract cleaning solution

Unfortunately this kind of process doesn’t cut it. It leaves dirt trapped deep in the carpet pile and allows stains to return after a week or so. Soil and stains trapped deep in the fibers will continue to breakdown carpet pile, causing the carpet to wear out prematurely.

We think you, and your carpet, deserve better. Rather than the old fashioned “brush the dirt off the top” approach to carpet cleaning, ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons uses the most advanced carpet cleaning process available.

ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons Carpet Cleaning Process

  • We start with a heavy-duty vacuuming of the carpet that lifts the pile.
  • Then, we pre-treat spots and stains
  • Apply special cleaning products to loosen deep down dirt
  • Rinse your carpet with clear hot water
  • Extract dirt, water, and cleaning solutions with heavy duty, truck mounted equipment
  • Re-treat problem areas (stubborn stains, high traffic)
  • Groom entire area for better drying and a consistent appearance
  • Place furniture legs on pads to preserve the carpet during drying process
  • Final walk through with customer to guarantee your absolute satisfaction

We also offer Green Cleaning carpet cleaning process.

ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons carpet cleaning services are ideal for residential and commercial properties throughout the Chicago area. From single family dwellings to high rise offices, we take care of it all.

Contact us to learn more or schedule an appointment.

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