Spruce Up the Office for Spring with Commercial Upholstery Cleaning in Old Town

The first day of spring is just weeks away, and we can already see signs of the new season. Warmer temperatures, students in the neighborhood enjoying their spring break, and earlier sunrises have us longing to pack away our winter coats and embrace the warm, sunny days of spring. Long-time residents of the Midwest know that it might be several weeks before we can put away our winter coats for good, but it’s never too soon to do some spring cleaning around the workplace. With the help of the commercial upholstery cleaning professionals at ServiceMaster Cleaning By Simons, your Old Town, Chicago, IL office, hotel, or retail space can feel fresh, clean, and ready for spring.

We recommend sticking to a regular commercial upholstery cleaning schedule of at least once a year. Any part of the building that experiences higher wear and tear may need to be professionally cleaned more frequently. A spring upholstery cleaning will tackle the dust and dirt that has been trapped inside the building during the winter, as well as the road salt and slush that followed your customers inside.

Between regular upholstery cleanings, it’s important to maintain your upholstery on a daily basis. Start by cleaning up spills as soon as they happen. All it takes is a clean white towel, careful blotting, and some spot remover, if needed, to lift a stain. Remember, the longer a spill is left alone, the more difficult it will be to clean later on. Be sure to vacuum dust from the surface and dirt from under the cushions of each piece of furniture.

You’ll want to choose a professional upholstery cleaning company who can treat a wide variety of fabrics with the same level of great care. Linen, silk, cotton, wool, vinyl – our highly-trained experts can clean it all, thoroughly, efficiently, and economically! Call ServiceMaster Cleaning By Simons at 773-376-1110 to refresh and revive your Old Town, Chicago, IL workplace with our commercial upholstery cleaning services today!

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