Keep the Heart of Your Home Clean With Professional House Cleaning in River North

The kitchen in your River North home is likely much more than a functional space; it’s where you and your family cook, eat, use the computer, do homework, chat, and just hang out. Have you noticed that when you entertain, your guests inevitably end up congregating in the kitchen for good conversation and some laughs?

With so much going on in the kitchen, wouldn’t it be nice to have it regularly and professionally cleaned by the well-trained, responsible, and reputable employees of ServiceMaster Cleaning by Simons? When you hire ServiceMaster Cleaning by Simons for house-wide cleaning, we’ll pay special attention to your kitchen, the true “heart of your home” where much of the daily traffic from your busy family occurs.

We’ll wipe down all counters, appliances, shelves, and other flat surfaces; sweep or vacuum and scrub the floors; and wipe down the walls and baseboards. Upon request and for an extra fee, we’ll also clean the fridge and the inside of the cabinets.

Often dubbed the “heart of the home,” here are several reasons the kitchens in our homes are so very special:

  • A kitchen is required in every home because that’s where our foodwhich is needed for daily sustenanceis prepared. Without it, we would not survive.
  • Important conversations take place in the kitchen. Maybe you’ve noticed that your kids are more likely to open up about their daily activities and feelings while you’re prepping for or cleaning up after the evening meal.
  • Each member of the family utilizes the kitchen every day, whereas other rooms likely go unused by the entire family. Your kitchen might be used as “homework central” or the place you go to enjoy a glass of wine after a long, hard day.
  • Special connections are made in the kitchen. Cooking, baking, and cleaning up together bring family members closer.
  • The kitchen is the place where we organize our daily lives. Often, the kitchen is where calendars and schedules of our busy days and weeks are kept.

Contact ServiceMaster Cleaning by Simons at 773-376-1110 for all of your whole-house cleaning needs in River North, IL. From the kitchen to the bathrooms and every room in between, we’ll leave your house clean and freshsmelling, so you have extra time to relax and enjoy time with your family.

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