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Fall Fire Damage Threats in Chicago


    As the temperature drops, fire restoration jobs for ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons increase.

    Typically, summer and fall are the milder of the seasons in the Midwest. However, with holidays slowly creeping up on us and temperatures dropping, there are very specific fire threats to your home. ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons offers fire restoration in Chicago, as well as tips to prevent fire damage in your home.

    Furnace Maintenance

    The colder temperatures of autumn have many of us reaching for the thermostat. Odds are, you have already turned on your furnace and are sitting at a comfortable 70º F in your home. However, did you remember to have your furnace checked by your gas/electric company or a furnace repair service? There are many things that can happen to your furnace over the course of the summer. Furnaces and heating units are the second cause of fires in the home, behind cooking, and result in over 54,000 fires per year. Each fall, they should be checked for cracks and other issues to prevent a fire in your home.


    Many kids will spend the month of October gearing up to celebrate Halloween. This means plenty of pumpkin carving, and lighting jack-o-lanterns in the evening. When it comes to your decorative pumpkins, make sure that you never leave lit candles unattended. Consider using a battery operated candle to almost extinguish the entire risk of fire damage. Be sure to remove all leaves from your deck or porch. Be sure to keep jack-o-lanterns well out of the way of trick-or-treaters on Halloween as some costumes may be flammable (especially those that consist of glitter hairspray).

    Holiday and Christmas Lights

    While it’s hard to imagine that anyone is thinking ahead to Christmas lights, there are surely plenty of people hanging them up before the weather turns entirely nasty. Only use lights in their intended environment (indoor or outdoor) and avoid hanging them near flammable materials. Check for damaged cords or connectors. Turn lights off when not home or after you go to bed. Christmas trees and lights cause approximately 250 house fires every year, so it’s important not to overlook fire safety when hanging lights.

    Fire damage and fire restoration can dampen your upcoming holiday season. Even the most diligent safety practices cannot always prevent fire damage from occurring in your home. With a 24/7/365 emergency hotline, ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons can provide immediate fire restoration in your Chicago home.

    When a fire disaster occurs in your home, don’t hesitate; contact ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons today.


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