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Commercial Cleaning is a Team Effort for Lincoln Square Area Businesses


    How often have we heard the phrase “Your mother doesn’t work here!” in our professional lives? Maybe you’re the one saying it because you feel like you’re always cleaning up after everyone! The commercial cleaning services offered by ServiceMaster Cleaning By Simons will keep your Lincoln Square, Chicago, IL office building thoroughly clean. With a few extra steps, you and your coworkers can work together, peacefully, knowing that everyone has lent a helping hand.

    Reception Area and Conference Rooms

    The reception area is the first room your visiting clients encounter, followed by the conference room where you hold your meeting. You want to make a good first impression by presenting a spotless environment.

    • Have glass cleaner, paper towels, trashcan liners, a shovel, and sidewalk salt easily accessible in a nearby closet or storage space.
    • Regularly clean windows and door glass on both the inside and the outside.
    • Check the conference room before the meeting to make sure the room is clean and all the equipment you need is set up correctly.
    • Empty trashcans when they are full. Remember to replace the can liner.
    • Tidy up any magazines and promotional materials you have on display.
    • Pick up any stray trash that missed the trashcan or was left behind by a guest.


    The office bathrooms are shared by everyone. Maintain office-wide peace by making it possible for everyone to keep them clean.

    • Store extra paper towels, toilet paper, soap, and air freshener in a bathroom cupboard.
    • Remind your co-workers to replace the toilet paper and paper towel rolls when a roll runs out.
    • Ask everyone to pick up stray trash that is left on the floor.

    Break Room

    The break room is a space just for employees. Your visiting clients most likely won’t use this space, but it’s just as important to keep your break room clean to prevent one small mess from causing a mountain of unwanted office drama.

    • Keep dish soap, a few clean dish cloths or a scrubber, and extra rolls of paper towels on hand in a break room cupboard.
    • Make a refrigerator clean-out rule if one is not yet in place. Many businesses clean out the company refrigerator at the end of the week. They may send out a building-wide email that any unclaimed food will be thrown out. Choose a time that makes sense for your company and stick to it every week.
    • Ask your co-workers to replace the paper towels when they use up the last section of the previous roll, rather than leaving the next person to face an empty dispenser.
    • Encourage your co-workers to wash their dishes in the break room sink. Remind them to scrub out the sink and take their dry dishes home when they are clean.

    You and your co-workers can work together to maintain a clean office space. In general, every employee should leave the room cleaner than it was when they arrived. This is similar to the campground etiquette that you may already be familiar with. While it’s easy enough to tidy up a bit for a cleaner office, leave the serious cleaning to the commercial cleaning professionals at ServiceMaster Cleaning By Simons in Lincoln Square, Chicago, IL. Contact us at -773-376-1110 and enjoy a sparkling office environment today.


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