Commercial Carpet Cleaning for Chicago Businesses During the Holiday Season

Carpet Cleaning During the HolidaysServiceMaster Cleaning by Simons provides office carpet cleaning services while your employees are away for the holidays.

SMC Commercial Simons-Commercial-Carpet-Cleaning-smallIt’s the holiday season! For the last month, treats have been making their way throughout the office, along with leftover décor from office parties. But ho-ho-hold on a minute! What are those spots lingering on your carpet? A combination of ground-in chocolate fudge and tracked-in rock salt from outside are common culprits of carpet staining this season. ServiceMaster Cleaning by Simons can remove those unsightly stains via our Chicago carpet cleaning programs.

The holiday season is an extremely busy time for businesses, but it is actually a great time to schedule carpet cleaning for your office. Since so many holidays fall in December, more employees tend to take time off to spend with family and friends. With fewer bodies in your building, carpet cleaning professionals are allowed proper drying time for deep cleaning processes. Also, there will be minimal disruption to the daily work flow.

Winter is an important season to keep deep carpet cleaning in the forefront of your mind. During this season, both employees and customers track in dirt, slush, and the more damaging rock salt. Salt crystals leave behind white, crusty rings on your carpets once they dry out. Additionally, they sink deep down into the fibers of your carpet causing fraying of fibers and fading of carpet colors. The flooring of your office is a significant investment and should be protected as much as possible. One easy way to maintain your carpet, besides daily vacuuming, is to schedule regular deep carpet cleanings to remove harmful particles from the fibers.

ServiceMaster Cleaning by Simons offers carpet cleaning to businesses and homes in Chicago. Additionally, we offer upholstery cleaning so that you can start the New Year off with a fresh home or commercial facility. Backed by the ServiceMaster Clean® network, we have the knowledge and equipment to deal with every type of stain and fabric that you have. Don’t hesitate to contact us. Schedule an upholstery or carpet cleaning from ServiceMaster Cleaning by Simons today!

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