A Busy Time in the West Loop in Chicago is Precisely the Time to Schedule a Professional Carpet Cleaning by ServiceMaster Cleaning By Simons

You are in the rush of the holiday season in your West Loop Chicago business. An increase in customers means booming business, which causes more wear and tear of carpet. Plus, we are dealing with plenty of snow and ice now that winter has truly hit the Midwest. The rock salt and ice melt that helps make sidewalks and streets safer is, unfortunately, quite hazardous to your carpeting. So, with all of the foot traffic inside and the winter-weather chemicals tracked in from the outside, now is the perfect time to schedule a professional carpet cleaning with ServiceMaster Cleaning By Simons.

An article in the online magazine Cleaning Maintenance and Management states that snow and ice carried in on foot can travel 150 feet inside any establishment. According to CleanLink, an online resource for the professional cleaning industry, calcium chloride and magnesium chloride in ice melt products leave behind an oily residue which attracts dirt on carpeting.  The rock salt residue leaves a white ring in your carpeting and sinks into the deep fibers which fray the carpeting.  While you may think that regular vacuuming of your carpet is enough, the truth is rock salt and other chemicals erode carpet over time, leaving it too damaged to be repaired and simply must be replaced.   In the long run, professional carpet cleaning is more advantageous in dealing with harsh chemicals.

This really is the perfect time to call ServiceMaster Cleaning By Simons and set an appointment for our IICRC certified technicians to expertly clean your carpets at your West Loop business.  A regular carpet cleaning and maintenance schedule with our team will prolong the life of your carpeting, allowing you to focus on your business.  We, at ServiceMaster Cleaning By Simons, in the West Loop and other Chicago, Illinois neighborhoods will help you have one less concern in your day to day pursuits.

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