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Versatile Carpet Cleaning For All Carpet Styles In Ukrainian Village


    There are many styles for carpeting in your home, and each style has their own pros and cons depending on where in the home they’ve been installed. No matter the style, however, all carpets are excellent at providing soft flooring under foot. Your family’s preferred style of carpeting is in good hands with the help of the carpet cleaning professionals at ServiceMaster Cleaning By Simons in Ukrainian Village, Chicago, IL.

    All carpets begin as loops of yarn arranged in different densities and heights. Some styles are left as is, known as loop pile. Others go a step further and cut off the tops of the loops, creating cut pile.

    Loop Pile

    Loop pile carpet, also known as Berber carpeting, features densely packed loops of yarn. They are easy to clean thanks to their ability to hold spills and dirt on top of their loops rather than inside. Since Berber carpets are traditionally flecked or multi-colored, dirt can hide more easily. You may only need carpet cleaning when it looks dirty, but weekly vacuuming will ensure that it always looks fresh. We recommend this type of carpet only if you don’t have pets. Their claws may get caught in the loops. Repeated snagging will eventually show wear on the carpet.

     Cut Pile

    Cut pile carpet features yarn with cut ends. There are several varieties of cut pile carpets with varying yarn lengths and densities. Saxony carpet, also known as plush carpet, features short, dense pile cut only half an inch high. This variety is a classic style that does well in both formal and casual settings. The downside is that this carpeting will not disguise footprints or vacuum tracks. This means a little extra care when it comes to your regular carpet cleaning routine.

    Frieze carpet does a better job of concealing footprints and vacuum tracks because its fibers twist in different directions. This gives it a soft, shaggier look. The danger of Frieze carpet is that those fibers also hide dirt and stains. We’ve found that vacuuming doesn’t remove all of the dirt from this type of carpet. The best way to properly clean this carpet is with regular commercial carpet cleaning.

    Textured carpeting uses a combination of cut pile and loop pile to create interesting patterns like checkerboards and stripes. This variety of carpet is able to disguise footprints. These textured carpets are ideal for family rooms because they don’t accumulate dirt as easily, making them easier to keep clean. The patterns also add interest to the room.

    No matter what style of carpet you have in your home, proper maintenance will allow your family to enjoy this comfortable flooring for years to come before you need to replace it. Call ServiceMaster By Simons at 773-376-1110 to schedule a professional carpet cleaning in your Ukrainian Village, Chicago, IL home today.


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