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Northfield, IL Hoarder and Clutter Cleaning

    Hoarder And Clutter Cleaning - Northfield IL - ServiceMaster Restoration By Simons

    Hoarder and Clutter Cleaning Northfield – ServiceMaster Cleaning By Simons – North Shore IL


    ServiceMaster Cleaning By Simons, the North Shore’s Trusted Name in Specialty Cleaning Services, Provides Hoarder and Clutter Cleanup to Homes, Apartments and Senior Facilities in the Chicago Suburb of Northfield, Illinois



    Do you have an aging parent or family member living in Northfield IL whose living situation has become dangerous because of severe Hoarding and Clutter? Are you worried that their home life has become a hoarding and clutter situation?


    ServiceMaster Cleaning By Simons understands this mental health issue and can help you get your loved one’s home back to a safer and livable condition.


    It’s sometimes hard to know if it’s just age that’s causing the clutter and hoarding. As people age, it may be harder for them to do household chores and you may notice their homes becoming increasingly cluttered with items.


    At this point, it’s important to assess if they just need help organizing and cleaning or if the mess is more indicative of a serious hoarding disorder.  ServiceMaster By Simons is the North Shore’s Trusted Name In Hoarder & Clutter Cleaning.


    How To Identify A Hoarder Situation?


    If you’ve noticed that they seem to have unusual attachments to items that don’t seem particularly sentimental and can’t seem to get rid of them, that could be a sign of hoarding.


    Piles of old newspapers, junk mail and even packaging material that is “saved for later” are common items hoarders tend to keep. If your loved one can’t seem to find bills or other items and frequently misplace things because of the amount of stuff in their house, an intervention is likely needed.


    Hoarders tend to pile things up so pathways in homes are narrow, rooms are filled with items that make them unusable and unlivable and appliances may be damaged or broken. They may also feel shame and be reluctant to let you see their home.


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    Hoarder cleanup is a highly specialized job that requires patience, empathy, and knowledge of the proper way to dispose of the items in the home. We can assist with identifying which items need to be recycled, donated or disposed of.


    In the event that the home has biohazardous waste items such as rodent or animal waste, we can clean, sanitize and properly dispose of the waste as the state and country require. We’ll take care of every aspect of your hoarder cleanup, from basic tidying and organization to deep cleaning.


    We’ll even provide reconstruction services if necessary.


    If you need experienced hoarder cleanup professionals in the Northfield IL area, please give ServiceMaster Cleaning By Simons a call at 847-316-9145.