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Mold Remediation


Is Moldy Food Safe to Eat?

      One day you’re ready for lunch and open a package of bread. But after pulling out a couple of slices, you see a green fuzz along the edges. At this point, people usually have one of two reactions: 1. they lose their appetite and toss the loaf 2. they… Read More »Is Moldy Food Safe to Eat?

    Is it Mold or Mildew?

      Many people commonly refer to various building molds found in the Chicago area as “mildew”, and numerous mold cleanup products use the words “mildew” or “mildewcide” in their name and instructions. Although interchanging the words mold and mildew is acceptable by many, what’s the truth of the matter? What is… Read More »Is it Mold or Mildew?

      How HEPA Filters Protect You

          During World War II, the Atomic Energy Commission needed a filter that would remove and trap radio-active dust particles that would pose a health hazard to scientists working on the Manhattan Project, the classified U.S. government venture that developed the atomic bomb. That’s when and why the HEPA (High… Read More »How HEPA Filters Protect You