Why the Hot Water Carpet Cleaning Extraction Method is Best for Carpets in Restaurants and Hotels in Chicago, IL

In just a few short weeks, Chicago’s restaurants and hotels will be busier than ever with people traveling for the holidays. That means more feet carrying dirt and dust from the street as well as more spilled drinks and dropped dishes in hotel lobbies and restaurant dining areas. While regular vacuuming is essential, it may not be enough to handle the additional wear and tear on your carpets that the holiday season brings so let ServiceMaster Cleaning By Simons assist you with your hospitality carpet cleaning needs.

At ServiceMaster Cleaning by Simons, we use a hot water carpet cleaning extraction method because it restores life and freshness to even the most weather-beaten carpets. This method offers several benefits including:

  • Heat helps particles dissolve and separate to better lift stains
  • Water moves through the carpet fibers to flush out dirt and debris
  • Specialized vacuums and hoses enable us to give carpets a truly deep cleaning without leaving any residue behind

It’s the combination of heat, water and powerful equipment that gives your carpets a better clean than other cold water or chemical carpet cleaning methods do.

Here is the basic process we use when performing hot water extraction carpet cleaning:

  1. Inspect carpets to determine the best cleaning method
  2. Pre-treat spots and stains and apply cleaning products to loosen embedded soil
  3. Rinse the carpet with clear hot water, and thoroughly extract all water, dirt and any remaining cleaning products
  4. Post-treat any remaining stains, and groom the carpet for quick drying to create a uniform appearance. We place pads under furniture legs as necessary to protect the carpet while it dries.
  5. Conduct a final inspection

ServiceMaster Cleaning By Simons is ready to provide hotels and restaurants in the Chicago, IL area with the hospitality carpet cleaning services you need to provide a relaxing, clean atmosphere for your guests this holiday season. Contact ServiceMaster Cleaning By Simons in Chicago, IL today at 773-376-1110 to learn more about our hospitality carpet cleaning services.

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