What’s the Lifespan of Carpets in Wicker Park?

Two common questions we often receive at ServiceMaster Cleaning by Simons: how long should carpet last, and how much does a professional carpet cleaning actually benefit homeowners? While carpet cleaning can help protect your investment, there are a number of contributing factors that play into how long carpet will last. The lifespan of your household or commercial carpet is dependent on how well you take call of it and the steps you take to effective and safe carpet cleaning.

Although the average number of years a carpet lasts spans from 3-5 years, these numbers can be drastically decreased or increased depending on the traffic of your home, amount of carpet cleaning you choose to do, and how careful you are with the carpet. Here are some factors that can contribute to the lifespan of your carpet in Wicker Park, Chicago, IL.

  • The number of residents in your home is a large factor of when you have to change your carpet. Obviously, if the number of residents in your home is higher, and everyone spends a lot more time moving through a few high traffic areas, you may need to replace your carpet earlier than most. If some of these residents happen to be children or pets, carpet cleaning may be necessary more frequently.
  • When you live in urban areas like Wicker Park, Chicago, carpet may be a little more difficult to keep clean. When winter comes around, it’s easy to rush into your home and onto your carpet in a desperate attempt to get out of the blistering cold. Believe us, we’ve all been there! Constantly tracking in wet and dirty shoes can be harmful for your carpet and require the attention of professional carpet cleaner to keep your investment on track for a long life.

Contact the carpet cleaning team at ServiceMaster Cleaning by Simons for more tips on how to extend the lifespan of your carpet.




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