What Everyone Ought to Know About Mold and Mold Removal

Mold is everywhere—literally and figuratively- so mold removal is a necessary evil. Numerous media stories and investigations provoke fear by sensationalizing mold as a toxic substance that sets its sights on taking over and killing off the human race. While consistent exposure to high levels of mold can have real physical effects, it is hardly the killer that the media portrays it to be. In fact, numerous trusted, health-related websites (Mayo Clinic, EPA, CDC) do not even cite death as a possible symptom of mold exposure.

Fear not! Mold isn’t the big bad monster that the media would have you believe it to be. So, what are the facts about mold? Mold is a real problem that can get out of control in a hurry. But, there are mold removal strategies to keep it from coming back into your home or business.

Here are some of the facts:

Mold is everywhere. We established that mold is “everywhere” in the news. But, in our environment, mold is literally…everywhere. It is found indoors and outdoors, low and high altitudes, hot and cool climates, dry and damp areas…everywhere. It is impossible to completely rid any environment of mold. The only place that mold does not grow on Earth is underwater.

Mold’s not-so-secret formula. Mold needs three things to grow: moisture, organic food source, and oxygen. That’s it. Eliminate one of these three items and POOF! No mold.

Mold has a one track mind. Mold germinates and grows for one reason…so it can reproduce. It reproduces by releasing spores into the air that then get transported by air movement, humans and animals. Mold is actually a vital part of the Earth’s atmosphere as it helps dead organic matter (plants, leaves, trees, food, produce, etc.) to decompose. It is also used in antibiotics and synthesized into hormones and enzymes used in the production of food and medicine.

Mold Invasion. In residential and commercial structures, mold is found in locations with poor air circulation and high humidity such as basements, bathrooms, attics, around windows, under sinks, and in areas of your home that have had water damage, standing water, or consistent water leaks.

Mold and Your Health
All varieties of mold have the possibility to cause adverse health effects. Mold produces irritants, allergens, and in some species, toxins that may cause symptoms in humans. The types and severity of symptoms depend, in part, on the type and amount of mold present. The level of an individual’s exposure and the individual’s susceptibility to mold-related illnesses are also factors. Mold exposure symptoms include:

  • watery, itchy eyes
  • a chronic cough
  • headaches or migraines
  • difficulty breathing
  • rashes
  • tiredness
  • sinus problems
  • nasal blockage
  • frequent sneezing

Prolonged exposure can lead to more severe symptoms.

Signs of Mold
Check the areas of your home that are exposed to humidity i.e., bathrooms, basements, under sinks, attics, closets, etc. If you suspect you have mold, look for the following signs:

  • Patchy, dark discoloration of walls, ceilings, windows, and/ or furniture
  • Musty odor
  • Physical symptoms (mentioned above)

You Have the Power
Once mold is present, you can remove mold and keep it from coming back. ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons is the authority on mold removal and mold remediation. We can help you get rid of mold for good. First, we locate and address the source of the moisture. Then, we use specialized cleaning agents and techniques to clean the affected areas. Sometimes eliminating the mold means removing and replacing carpets, drywall, wood materials etc. After the mold is gone, we offer tips and strategies to guide you through keeping your environment mold free. It’s easier than you think.

Keeping Mold Away
To keep mold from returning, it is vital to keep vulnerable areas dry and moisture free. This can be accomplished by:

  • Using dehumidifiers
  • Installing and using vent fans in bathrooms to remove moisture in the air
  • Utilizing hood ventilation fans in kitchens
  • Opening available windows in at-risk spaces

You don’t need to worry about mold. We are the mold removal professionals. Let us help you get rid of the mold and keep it away for good. The sooner you call us, the sooner we can get your mold problem under control. Don’t wait! Contact us today.

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