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To Prevent Water Damage in Chicago, IL, Be Careful About What You Flush Down the Toilet


Professional Water Damage Restoration in ChicagoPardon the pun, but your Chicago-area toilet shouldn’t be a “dumping” ground for anything but human waste and toilet paper. All too often, people flush many other items down the toilet which results in backed up sewer systems and nasty water damage.

If a clogged toilet causes water damage in your home or business, contact ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons. Our highly efficient and skilled technicians will quickly and efficiently resolve water damage problems using these effective steps: damage assessment, full water extraction, anti-microbial treatment, and drying. Upon completion of those steps, we will conduct follow-up testing to ensure everything is dried and cleaned to help you avoid mold damage later. Our company serves 18 Chicago neighborhoods, including Bucktown, Hyde Park, and Lakeview.

The following list of commonly used items should never be flushed down the toilet:

  • Feminine hygiene products. When you’re at home, place used pads, tampons, and applicators in the waste basket. In public facilities, use the receptacles that are provided for these items. The absorbent nature of these products makes them too thick to make their way through plumbing systems.
  • Cotton balls and cotton swabs. While it may seem harmless to toss these small items in the toilet, it’s not. Cotton balls and swabs don’t break down easily, but can accumulate and create a nasty clog, which can be difficult to dislodge.
  • Condoms. These commonly used prophylactics don’t biodegrade and can inflate like balloons and cause destructive obstructions and costly repairs.
  • Diapers. Even if you can get a diaper flushed down the toilet, it won’t get too far. These bulky items will usually get caught in the u-bend and have the potential to cause a terrible back-up and extensive water damage.
  • Wipes. Skincare wipes, baby wipes, and cleaning wipes are one of the biggest causes of blockages. Even if these items are touted as “flushable,” resist the urge to throw them in the toilet. Many wipes contain plastic fibers, so they won’t disintegrate for a long, long time.

Other items that should never be flushed down the toilet include bandages, chewing gums, cigarette butts, dental floss, facial tissue, food waste (including fats, oils grease), human or pet hair, and prescription or over-the-counter medication.

If the toilet in your home or business overflows and causes water damage, contact the water damage restoration professionals at ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons immediately. We can be reached round-the-clock at 773-376-1110.