Three Kitchen Odors That Can Stick Around without Proper Odor Removal | Chicago, IL

There’s nothing worse than walking into a room that fills your nose with the greatest horror. You dread trying to distinguish where it’s coming from and hope it won’t be a pain to get rid of. When it comes to your kitchen, however, it’s important to determine the cause of the odor to make sure you don’t eat expired food. You also want to make the area a pleasant eating environment for your family and guests. The odor removal experts at ServiceMaster Cleaning by Simons in the Lakeview area are Chicago’s first choice for removing kitchen and other household odors. Here are three things that could be causing odors in your kitchen:

  1. Stinky trash- cleaning out your trash can with soapy water should make these odors go away. To prevent odors like this in the future, try to take out your garbage more often, especially when you’ve just thrown out spoiled food.
  2. Microwave spills- burnt or spilled food odors can stick around when you forget to clean up. Unfortunately, it’s easy to let this go untouched. Check the microwave when you are trying to find the source of an odor in your home, and if needed, leave the microwave door open to air out after you clean it.
  3. Food gone bad – speaking of spoiled food, leftovers and certain foods that are quick to spoil can easily cause your refrigerator to smell horrible. Check expiration dates and eat leftovers as soon as you can to prevent these kitchen odors.

The ServiceMaster Cleaning by Simons professionals are dedicated to helping you remove odors from your home with our comprehensive odor removal process. In fact, after we identify the odor source, our experts choose the best deodorization process that will benefit you most. This option is carefully chosen according to your individual situation.

The search and eventual removal of odors can be a lengthy project, which is why ServiceMaster Cleaning by Simons is here to help. Call us today for odor removal in Lakeview and Chicago, IL.

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