The Difference between Do-It-Yourself and Professional Carpet Cleaning in Chicago IL

Carpet Cleaning in Chicago by ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons

Carpet cleaning in Chicago, IL, homes and business seems like an easy enough task to undertake. All you have to do is rent the proper equipment and clear out the room or building for a day, right? That might be the actual physical process, but how can you be sure that your carpets are truly clean afterwards? ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons explores the differences between professional carpet cleaning and do-it-yourself carpet cleaning below:

Professionals ensure that deep, ground-in dirt is removed.
Regular vacuuming can only remove so much of the dirt that permeates carpet. If not performed properly, even the most thorough vacuuming won’t touch the dirt that sits deep within the fibers of your carpet. The longer this dirt remains, the more it wears and grinds on carpet fibers, and the faster your carpets will age and degrade.

Professionals use the proper solutions.
There are plenty of carpet cleaning detergents out on the market that promise a “clean and fresh” smelling carpet. They can, however, leave behind residues and perfumes that may cause irritation to the inhabitants of your home. At ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons, we use the proper cleaning solutions to ensure that your carpets are truly clean and that no dirt or residue remains.

Professionals know how to properly dry the carpet.
A DIY carpet cleaning could potentially cause more problems than solutions. Excess use of water could leave the door open for mold growth and damage to furniture in your building. ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons uses commercial grade drying equipment to ensure quick and thorough drying. Additionally, we know how to protect your furniture while the carpet is drying.

Professionals guarantee stain removal.
And we won’t leave until you are satisfied with the look of your carpet. We pre-treat stains before thoroughly cleaning the entire carpet. We groom your carpet for a uniform appearance, and perform a final walk through to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Though DIY carpet cleaning may appear less costly, it could open a gateway for future problems, and worst of all, your carpet may not be as clean as you want. When you need professional carpet cleaning in Chicago, IL, call ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons. We specialize in after-disaster carpet cleaning, as well as one-time carpet cleaning. Don’t leave the health and appearance of your carpets up to chance; call the professionals!

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