Team Up with ServiceMaster Cleaning By Simons for Commercial Cleaning in the New Year

We often think of New Year’s resolutions as challenges that we must fulfill on our own, as individuals. At ServiceMaster Cleaning By Simons, we take a different approach. We believe that New Year’s resolutions are best viewed as a team effort, particularly in commercial settings. You’ve chosen increased cleanliness as your company’s New Year’s resolution. All that cleaning shouldn’t be the responsibility of one person alone. Team up with ServiceMaster Cleaning By Simons and our commercial cleaning services in Hyde Park, Chicago, IL.

Commercial cleaning services include so much more than taking out the trash and vacuuming surface dirt from carpeting. Our upholstery cleaning experts pick up crumbs and clean stains and dirt from your office furniture so the upholstery continues to look like new. Regular carpet cleaning lifts dirt from the surface down to the roots of carpet fibers, treats tough stains, and freshens up the carpeting in each section of the office building, including those that experience the highest levels of traffic. Hard-surface floor cleaning removes dirt, erases scuffmarks, and returns the original sparkle to linoleum, hardwood, and tile. We are often able to prolong the lives of your flooring and office furniture by giving them regular, professional maintenance.

The benefits of teaming up with commercial cleaning experts go much further than simply being able to work in a clean office building. You’ll create an excellent first impression with your visiting clients and maintain that same professional atmosphere with each visit. Your co-workers will feel more comfortable and happier. They may even become more productive, allowing them to fulfill their own resolutions to contribute more at work. You will notice higher morale in each department. Thanks to a healthier, more sanitary work environment, your staff will take fewer sick days.

Quality commercial cleaning services benefit each person’s experiences within your office building in some capacity. That’s why at ServiceMaster Cleaning By Simons, we support your Hyde Park company and others throughout Chicago, IL with our commercial cleaning services all year long. Together, we’ll make 2016 our best year yet. Call us today. 

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