Struggling to Find Hoarder Cleanup Services in Chicago?

ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons provides compassionate and efficient hoarding cleanup throughout the Chicago area.

You see the shows on TV and you read stories in magazines, but what should you actually do when you are tasked with hoarder cleanup?  There are millions of people in the United States that suffer from a hoarding illness.  Typically, family and friends try to help, but the task can be too large.  If you find you need hoarder cleanup in Chicago, IL, it most likely time to contact ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons.

Hoarding causes emotional stress for everyone involved and the physical stress can mount quickly when the hoarding has been going on for some time.  Occasionally, hoarder cleaning will require professionals since there is such a mass collection of items that can be hazardous to your health. Professional hoarder cleaning can be quite the intense process, but ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons knows the proper steps required and we offer a full service cleaning, as listed below:

  • Completely tag and remove “keep” items
  • Transport, cleaning, and storage of all furniture and appliances
  • Full cleaning of residence—including bathrooms and kitchens
  • Full repainting of residence (if requested)
  • Complete repair or remodeling of residence (if requested)
  • Transport any Items no longer needed by resident to charity or re-sale shops

Without properly implementing a hoarder cleanup process, the collections of items can actually cause a fire hazard or damage to the home.  Many times the collections pile up all over throughout the house or apartment and they can end up leaning on lamps or lightning which causes a fire hazard.  Stacks of items can also collapse and cause damage to items in the house or even block off areas of the home where mold could easily grow.

Hoarder cleanup is something that should be taken serious since proper restoration of a hoarders home can be achieved if the proper steps are taken.  If you are coping with a hoarder, please consider giving ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons a call for your hoarder cleaning needs in Chicago, IL.

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