Six Water Damage Gaps in Your Homeowner’s Insurance Policy

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Having a Water-Damage-related disaster in your Chicagoland home is not the time to find out that you don’t have Water Damage insurance coverage.


Water Damage insurance coverage can vary depending on the cause and the specific policy. Some losses either aren’t covered at all or they’re only partially covered.


Here are six of the most common gaps in insurance coverage for water damage:


  • Flood damage:

Homeowner’s insurance typically covers water damage caused by sudden and accidental events. Burst pipes or a newly leaking roof from storm damage may be covered. However, flood damage is typically not covered under a standard homeowner’s insurance policy. Damage from floods is typically defined as water that covers at least two acres of land or two or more properties. Flood insurance must be purchased separately through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) or a private insurer.


  • Sewer and drain backups:

These problems are typically not covered unless the policy has been specifically endorsed to include them. It’s usually available as an optional endorsement or as a separate policy.


  • Improper maintenance:

Homeowner’s insurance may not cover water damage caused by a lack of proper maintenance. This may include broken sump pumps, clogged gutters, slow drips by pipes, ice makers, and toilets. These can eventually destroy walls and floors. This type of damage is considered to be preventable and is the homeowner’s responsibility. It is important to regularly maintain and properly care for your home and its systems to avoid potential damage that may not be covered by insurance.


  • Gradual damage:

Any damage that occurs over a long period of time as a result of wear and tear or neglect is usually not covered. Examples of this are water damage from a leaky roof that has been left unrepaired or rot due to a persistent moisture problem. This type of damage is judged to be avoidable and the homeowner is accountable for it. Some insurance policies offer optional coverage for this type of damage.


  • Termites:

Water damage attracts termites as wet wood makes a perfect home for them, giving them both the moisture and food they need. But homeowner’s insurance typically does not cover damage caused by termites. The destruction they cause is deemed to be avoidable and is the homeowner’s responsibility. However, some insurance policies may include limited coverage for termite treatment and extermination.


  • Mold:

Homeowner’s insurance typically covers mold damage if it’s a result of a covered event, such as a burst pipe or a storm-damaged roof. However, mold growth due to homeowner neglect, such as a continuing moisture problem, is usually not covered. Coverage for mold damage can vary greatly among insurance policies.


Homeowners need to review their insurance policy carefully to understand what is covered in the event of water damage. Consider purchasing additional coverage if necessary to fully protect your home and possessions from water-related risks.


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