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Why Professional Disaster Restoration is Less Expensive Than DIY

    Commercial Water Damage Restoration - Northbrook IL. Fire Damage Restoration in Northbrook IL.

    Commercial Water Damage Restoration - Northbrook IL. Fire Damage Restoration in Northbrook IL.

    When a disaster happens to your Chicago area property, like water damage or fire, it leaves a huge mess. Sometimes people want to try fixing everything by doing it themselves because they think it’ll cost less money. However, their DIY efforts might result in unexpected costs and problems. But even if using experts for fixing disasters seems more expensive at first, they bring big benefits by being faster and saving you money in the long run.

    The Only Source of Knowledge is Experience

    That heading is part of a quote by Albert Einstein and one we live by. Companies that specialize in disaster restoration like ServiceMaster By Simons have well-trained and experienced technicians who are very informed about different kinds of mishaps. These experts are aware of the best methods for restoring your property.

    On the other hand, when people make disaster restoration a DIY project, they usually lack the needed skills and experience. They’re not aware of how complicated it can be and they end up in over their heads. This can cause serious errors and things not being done efficiently.

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    The Right Equipment and Technology

    To restore a Chicago area properly after a disaster, one needs special machines and cleaning equipment that regular people usually don’t have. ServiceMaster By Simons puts money into the latest technology to make the restoration process faster and more accurate. Those who DIY usually use temporary fixes or rented machines, which might not work well and could take more time to repair everything.

    We’ve Got a Plan

    ServiceMaster closely evaluates the impacted area to identify every cause of the disaster. This allows us to develop an extensive restoration plan. This strategy helps us tackle problems quickly and stop more damage to your property.

    On the other hand, when people try to do DIY, they might not perform a proper assessment and plan well enough. This can lead to missing some problems and not fixing things correctly. Because of this, damage that wasn’t seen before may appear later on. That means spending more money on repairs that wouldn’t have been necessary if a professional had taken care of it in the first place.


    Time is Money

    Time is vital when repairing damage after a disaster. If you wait too long the destruction can worsen and cost more to fix. ServiceMaster By Simons works quickly and accurately, using well-organized methods and skilled workers to speed up the repair process. Furthermore, we’re available 24/7. So we’ll quickly respond when there’s an emergency, which reduces downtime.

    In contrast, trying to DIY can be slowed down by:

    • limited times you’re able to work on it
    • not being well-organized
    • needing time to learn how to do new things

    Therefore, the process of fixing everything can take longer and cause people to be away from their Chicagoland homes for more time while adding extra costs.


    We believe in the risk/reward scenario; we take the risks and you get the rewards! Disaster restoration has its dangers, like the chance of building parts collapsing or coming into contact with dangerous toxins like mold and asbestos. We take safety very seriously and follow set rules to reduce danger for residents. We have the correct insurance too, which gives you protection from unexpected situations. On the other hand, when people attempt to DIY, they might face safety risks and legal problems if they don’t take the right precautions or miss some construction or safety regulations.

    Commercial Fire-Damage Restoration Chicago

    So, when dealing with the consequences of a disaster, choosing the experts at ServiceMaster By Simons is a wise choice that ends up saving time and money as we bring your Chicago area property back to how it was before.



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