Professional Carpet Grooming for Chicago Homes and Businesses

carpet groomingCarpet grooming, also know as “raking,” became popular during the 50s and 60s as a vital part of the carpet cleaning process. Today, most people are completely unaware such a thing exists. However, carpet grooming is an important part of the cleaning process, which is why ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons provides it as a standard feature among our carpet cleaning services in Chicago.

But what is carpet grooming? Carpet grooming is exactly what it sounds like: the grooming of your carpet fibers with a commercial-sized brush. Before the grooming step of the carpet cleaning process became commonplace, people would use garden rakes to beautify their carpets after a thorough cleaning. These days, there are carpet brushes available made specifically for grooming.

Why is carpet grooming important? Carpets have to endure a considerable amount of wear and tear every day. While regular cleanings are necessary to maintain carpet quality, carpet grooming should be a part of that process to maintain aesthetic and sanitary longevity.

What does carpet grooming do? Grooming a carpet pulls through its fibers separating them evenly. This helps the drying process after cleanings, preventing mold and bacteria from breeding in slow-drying clumped areas. Doing this will also evenly spread cleaning treatments like antibacterial solutions and deodorizers.

Carpet grooming also makes your carpet look pretty! It clears up any lines left behind by vacuums or steam cleaners. Grooming will fluff up matted, heavily-compressed areas that have been routinely trampled (hallways, entryways, etc.).

Grooming a carpet before vacuuming can loosen deeply-embedded dirt and debris. When the fibers are ruffled in grooming, it’s like scratching a head of dandruff — all the dust floats to the top.

If you would like a professionally cleaned and groomed carpet, contact ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons for comprehensive carpet cleaning services in Chicago.

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