Professional Carpet Cleaning for Back-to-School and Labor Day Sales in Chicago, IL

It’s that time of year again! Parents are flooding Chicago stores to take advantage of your best deals. New school shoes, this year’s coolest backpacks, and an endless supply of pencils don’t stand a chance of being left behind.

But here’s the thing, while this news is great for you, it’s not the best news for your carpet.

With the constant influx of traffic of employees and customers, your carpet can really take a beating. As debris is tracked in, it gets ground deeper and deeper into the carpet fibers. And the more people that come into your retail store for those amazing deals, the more you need to make a focused effort on maintaining the integrity of your carpet.

ServiceMaster Cleaning by Simons knows exactly what kind of TLC your carpet needs. Our professionals are always trained using best practices for cleaning. We even have a step-by-step process to make sure your carpet is cleaned right the first time.

Here’s our 7-step carpet cleaning process:

Step #1 Inspection: We take a thorough look at your carpets so that we can create the best possible plan of action and determine what cleaning methods best fit your needs.

Step #2 Pre-treatment: We get a head start on trouble spots by pre-treating any spots or stains we notice during our inspection.

Step #3 Application: We apply our high quality products to the carpet so that it starts working its magic. We even offer green cleaning products so that you can do your part to protect the environment.

Step #4 Rinse: We will thoroughly rinse your carpet to ensure that there is no leftover residue. Leftover residue can build up and exacerbate damage and wear to your carpet.

Step #5 Post-treatment: We treat unsightly trouble spots a second time to make sure that they do not reappear.

Step #6 Groom and dry: To ensure that your carpet dries quickly and evenly, we use our carpet tools to groom your carpet.

Step #7 Final inspection: Your satisfaction is important to us. We will do our final inspection walk-through with you to make sure that we have cleaned your carpet to the highest quality standards.

You don’t settle for less than the best for your customers, and neither do we. Call ServiceMaster Cleaning by Simons today to schedule a professional carpet cleaning for your Chicago, IL retail store.

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