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Chicago IL Mold Remediation and Clean Air Month

     ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons | Mold Remediation in Chicago, IL during Clean Air Month Clean Air Month is recognized every May in the United States. The aim of the “celebration” is to get people thinking about the pollutants in both indoor and outdoor air. Poor air quality can cause problems for Mother Earth and everything […]


    I’ve Got a Flooded Basement; So What? Water Damage in Chicago, IL

      ServiceMaster by Simons | Flooded Basements and Water Damage in Chicago, IL and surrounding areas    We’re not sure about you, but we are beyond ready for more sunny days and less stormy clouds looming over our heads here in Chicago! While the rain is nice for our plants and greenery, everything is starting to become […]


      Crime Scene Cleanup in Chicago IL: What Happens after CSI leaves?

        ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons offers trauma cleanup, biohazard cleanup, and crime scene cleanup in Chicago, IL and the surrounding areas.  Do you know who really cleans up after a trauma event? A common misconception is that CSI (crime scene investigators) takes care of the cleanup after they are done gathering evidence. Though they do the […]


        Conquer Chicago, IL Mold Removal Woes

          ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons | Mold Removal in Chicago, IL and nearby suburbs Everyone knows that moldy food looks gross. An infestation of mold in your Evanston, IL home is not just unsightly, it’s a spreading hazard. Lucky for you, the mold remediation specialists of ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons serves the Chicago area! So you […]


          Hoarder Cleanup Training with Expert Matt Paxton

            Hoarding and Hoarder Cleanup in Evanston and Chicago, IL by ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons Back in October, ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons announced that the ServiceMaster Restore® team would be joining forces with A&E’s Hoarders helper, Matt Paxton. Since then, Paxton has been working tirelessly with franchise after franchise to provide hoarder cleanup training to employees […]


            ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons, The Water Damage Repair Solution Company

              Water damage restoration in Evanston and Chicago, IL by ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons Excess water belongs outside and in Lake Michigan, not in your home or business! If you need water removal or water damage repair in Evanston, IL, don’t delay; call ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons today! Any delay in water removal or initiating immediate […]


              My Store Suffered Chicago, IL Fire Damage. Now What?

                Retail Disaster Restoration in Chicago, IL by ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons The retail industry faces specific challenges when it comes to loss from fire damage or water damage in Chicago, IL. Retail businesses lose not only their building to fire and water damage, but also inventory, records, and electronic devices. Much like a disaster in […]


                How to Hide a Carpet Stain until Professional Carpet Cleaning in Chicago IL

                  Chicago, IL Carpet Cleaning by ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons It’s happened to everyone: a rouge glass of wine or soda gets knocked to the ground or some delicious spaghetti misses your mouth and ends up on the floor. Mom always said you should eat at the table and not in the living room. Maybe we […]