Chicago IL Mold Remediation and Clean Air Month

 ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons | Mold Remediation in Chicago, IL during Clean Air Month

Clean Air Month is recognized every May in the United States. The aim of the “celebration” is to get people thinking about the pollutants in both indoor and outdoor air. Poor air quality can cause problems for Mother Earth and everything that lives on our planet. Clean Air Month also serves as a great reminder to check out the dark, moist areas in your home. If you find mold and fungus, don’t worry – call ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons for mold remediation in Chicago and Evanston, IL.

Mold is a major cause of allergy flare ups and asthma attacks. Unlike fire or water damage, mold permeates the airs with spores that spread the fungus throughout your home. Though mold is a natural part of the outdoors, when it occurs indoors it can cause many issues. Immediate mold remediation is needed to:

  • Combat increased asthma attacks
  • Prevent compromised building safety
  • Contain mold to stop it from spreading throughout the building

Mold remediation in your Chicago or Evanston, IL, building is a great and easy way for you to participate in clean air. It can be a tricky process, so it’s best that mold removal is left to the professionals.

That’s where ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons comes in. We have the tools and the process to easily remove mold from your home. Best of all, we respond immediately to emergency disaster restoration services like mold remediation, which means that we can quickly contain the mold and begin the restoration process. Here’s how we perform our mold remediation services in Chicago and Evanston, IL:

  • Test and analyze the building
  • Identify the problem and its source
  • Work with insurance company to find solution
  • Seal off the contaminated area for safety
  • Fully remediate mold and spores

Clean air is just as important indoors as it is outdoors. Don’t hesitate to call ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons for your mold remediation needs today!

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