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High-Rise Buildings and Fire Restoration in Chicago, IL


    ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons | Fire restoration in Chicago, IL and surrounding communities

    Throughout the years our country has witnessed many fire and disaster occurrences in high-rise buildings. Thankfully, as we learn from these ordeals and technologies improve, greater precautions and building safety standards have been established. In the unfortunate event a fire occurs in a high-rise building in Evanston, IL, ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons can help you through the fire restoration process.

    Did you know that only four property classes comprise the majority of high-rise fires: office buildings, hotels, apartment buildings, and those facilities that care for the sick?  Of these classes, most high-rise fires start no higher than the 6th floor. The only exception is office buildings which have a greater fire risk on the upper floors. The City of Chicago defines a high-rise building as any structure over 80 feet above grade which also has occupancy. Some people may think a mid-level fire would simply be contained in that area. If the ventilation system can be shut down, and fire-safety doors and equipment function properly, some containment is possible. ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons understands the science of fires. It may be obvious that water runs down hill while smoke, soot, and heat rise, but the degree of damage and destruction these elements cause above and below the fire can be astounding.

    Whether the water originates from sprinklers or fire hoses, you have a mess to clean up. ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons will take care of the headache of water damage repair and fire restoration for you, so you can concentrate on your employees and your business. We know that structural and property damage don’t end once the fire trucks leaves.  Because many flooring and furniture components are synthetic, extreme temperatures can set off chemical reactions that can make your property unsalvageable in a matter of days. That’s why, when you call ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons in the Chicago area for fire damage restoration, we respond quickly. We know you treasure your valuables. Our expert professionals know how to clean a variety of materials, including marble, porcelain, tile, aluminum, stainless steel, and all sorts of fabrics.

    During a high-rise fire, flames, smoke, soot, steam, and airbourne debris will infiltrate up and out of the fire zone. Water flows downwards and transports a highly toxic soup of chemicals everywhere it goes. Air ducts become instant conduits for smoke and water. Elevator and maintenance shafts act as chimneys, allowing grimy water to drain and the filth and stench of smoke and soot to reach far higher then the flames. Smoke billows in voluminous clouds during a fire and permeates everything, while soot and debris cover and coat every surface it contacts.

    What a mess, but all is not lost if you call ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons QUICKLY. When fire damage, smoke damage, and water damage are treated and remediated immediately, it’s amazing how an object that looks to be an absolute loss can be cleaned, sanitized and deoderized to a like-new condition.

    Real life doesn’t have to mimic horror movies. If it does, your survival takes priority. After that, fire restoration and smoke-damage repair in Evanston can breathe new life into your possessions. Let the responsive professionals at ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons be your partner in restoring normalcy to your daily life.


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