Is Your House in a Funk? Deodorizing Your Home in Chicago

ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons provides home odor removal services.

Sometimes bad smells are unavoidable, and in a large space like your home, it can be almost impossible to find the source of the scent on your own. You can only cover the odor with candles and air fresheners for so long, but eventually these remedies will be overpowered. ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons will zap the smell in your home by finding the source and deodorizing it quickly and effectively. Odor removal in Chicago homes (and businesses!) is one of our specialties!

Bad home odors have a variety of origins, but some of the most common causes of foul smells include mold from collected moisture, asbestos, particles in the ventilation system, and decomposing animal or plant matter.

Mold has a very distinctive, musky smell. It grows where the moisture in your house is most present, and it can pose dangers to you and your family’s health. If you suspect mold to be the source of the smell in your home, check for signs of it and call a professional deodorizing or mold remediation company like ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons.

Most housing insulation and electrical wiring contains asbestos. If you are smelling asbestos in your home, it means the particles are loosening from somewhere in your house walls. In addition to smelling, this can also be harmful to your health and can even cause lung cancer if inhaled in the long term.

The ventilation or heating vents in your home flood air through the whole building. If any smelly particles slip into the vent system, it can push this odor through your entire house. Often drips from appliances supply these smells. Mold and dead animals are also culprits. The best you can do if you think something is stuck in your vents is to call a deodorizing service like ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons in Chicago.

Decomposing animal or plant matter can get trapped in your walls, ceilings, or under your floors. It’s often an easy scent to identify, especially when it’s that “dead animal” smell. Instead of tearing up your walls or floors, call ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons in Chicago to quickly and easily deodorize your home.

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