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How Humidifiers Grow Mold in Your Chicago Home


    For mold removal services in Chicago, contact ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons.

    The early signs of winter are here and colder days are ahead. The frigid weather brings along the dry air that reduces the moisture in our homes to a point where we need to run a humidifier to maintain a proper humidity level. Before you start up the humidifier, you may want to make sure you do not have mold growth in your home which could become a bigger problem with a humidifier adding moisture. Mold growth can be tough to detect, but ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons can help you with all your mold remediation in Chicago, IL.

    There are many signs that help you figure out if you potentially have a mold problem in your home. Check all dark and damp areas, such as the basement, and make sure there is no noticeable moisture. Even leaky piping can be a great indicator that you may have a mold problem. If you have checked and you don’t notice any mold, but you still have that musty smell lingering, you may have hidden mold, which is usually behind wallpaper or the dry wall. The best solution for this type of mold is to have a professional mold remediation team come to your home and verify the extent of the damage.

    While hidden mold is certainly the toughest mold to find and resolve, it is something that can be completely removed with the proper mold remediation plan. The first step involves finding out the root cause for the mold growth and making sure that is rectified. After that, a professional team can remove all mold damaged areas while minimizing the destruction of property. There are many other steps to consider, but the two important ones are finding the source of the mold growth, and implementing the correct mold remediation plan to fully resolve the problem.

    Mold damage is something you never plan to have to worry about, but when you have concerns that you may have a mold problem, it is best to contact experts to ensure the problem is completely resolved. ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons is here to help with mold remediation in Chicago, IL. If you find you may have a mold problem, please give us a call!


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