Get a Head Start on Spring Cleaning and Use ServiceMaster By Simons for Housewide Cleaning in Your Streeterville Residence

The annual undertaking of spring cleaning may be a month or two away for some people, but you can get a head start on a clean home with the help of ServiceMaster Cleaning By Simons with our housewide cleaning service. We have top quality cleaning services that will help keep your Streeterville residence spic and span.

Here are some simple tips to freshen up your home:

  • Dust surfaces of your home such as shelves, bookshelves, televisions, computers/laptops, desks, coffee tables, and end tables.
  • Dust the walls and light fixtures. Doing this is one of the best ways to brighten your home in an instant. Removing the layer of dust from the light fixtures will allow the light to shine through! This makes the room brighter, which in turn helps when removing the dust from the walls as it makes the dust easier to see.
  • Regularly vacuum throughout the winter, especially in high traffic areas, to prevent buildup of dirt and grime in your carpets. ServiceMaster Cleaning By Simons offers great deep cleaning of flooring types in your home, whether you have carpet, hardwood or another type of flooring surface.
  • Vacuum the curtains in your home. Chances are you won’t often have your windows open during the winter, so quite a bit of dust can get trapped within curtain fibers. Read the care instructions to see if you can wash or dry clean the curtains for a better cleaning.
  • Dust any art, photos, and other decorations on display in your home. You want to keep these items clean because they are frequently seen by visitors.

There are many other areas of the house that could probably use a good spring cleaning, and ServiceMaster Cleaning By Simons can take care of all cleaning for you. We can deep clean your windows, walls, stoves, microwaves, ceiling fans, refrigerators, upholstery, flooring, carpets, air ducts, and more! When you are ready for house-wide cleaning in spring, call the professionals at ServiceMaster Cleaning By Simons. We’ll give you the best house-wide cleaning in Streeterville and the surrounding Chicagoland area.

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