Fireplace Fire Damage Restoration in Chicago

The bitter cold of January in the Midwest can be downright brutal. Frigid below zero mornings can tempt just about everyone to stoke the fireplace even though they’ll be leaving for work shortly. This can be quite dangerous. Many people are rushed in the morning and they forget about to reduce the heat of their fireplace before leaving. The next thing they know, they need to call ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons for fire damage repair in Chicago, IL.

You never want to leave a wood fireplace unattended. It may seem odd that anyone would, but when you wake up and your home is freezing, your main concern may be getting warm by any means necessary. This includes starting up a few logs so the house warms while you are in the shower. After a cup of coffee and a bit of breakfast, you hurriedly get your stuff together and head out the door. The next thing you know you’re half way to work and suddenly remember those logs are still burning in the fireplace.

While most fireplaces will properly seal in the flames, occasional embers and sparks can escape, and at the very least, melt or burn anything nearby. The best thing you can do to avoid needing fire damage repair services is to make sure you never leave the fireplace unattended. It only takes one spark to start a fire, and the dry interior of your home provides ideal conditions for a fire to quickly get out of hand.

Make sure you are properly monitoring your wood fireplace when it is lit.  It only takes one spark to cause catastrophic fire damage. If you find yourself the victim of fire damage, call ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons for all your fire damage repair in Chicago, IL.

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