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DIY Carpet Cleaning Tricks for Chicago Homeowners


DIY Carpet Cleaning TipsWe’ve all heard of the usual culprits guilty of carpet destruction like wine, coffee, and pets, but there are some other nasty substances that can be just as bad, if not worse! If you feel there is no hope for your carpet, call us at ServiceMaster Cleaning by Simons for our carpet cleaning services in Chicago.

Meanwhile, though these materials may seem like a death sentence to your home or business carpets, we have some great DIY tricks to help you get rid of them.

Chewing gum: Chewing gum seems to wreak destruction on hair, clothing, furniture, and carpets. Though the old peanut butter trick works on gum in the hair, you don’t want the oil in peanut butter to further stain your carpet. Instead, use ice to harden the gum and simply pull it out of the fibers as best as possible.

Crayon: The dyes in crayon wax can stain your carpet if not removed correctly. Scrape away the excess wax and then place a cloth or paper towel blotter over the area. Use an iron to melt the crayon into the blotter. Keep moving the blotter so it doesn’t get saturated. If there is still a trace of color after this, use a dry-cleaning solution and vacuum when dry.

Butter: Butter is a grease, and though it’s only mildly sticky, it can melt deeply into your carpet fibers. Use a dry-cleaning solution to pick up the traces of butter after you’ve cleaned off the excess.

Candle wax: Cleaning up candle wax is different than cleaning up crayon wax, but you can actually use the same trick as with gum. Use an ice cube to harden the wax until you can pull it up.

Acid burns: Act quickly to neutralize acid stains from solutions like drain cleaner or vinegar. Dilute the area with an alkaline substance like baking soda or club soda. Then apply an ammonia/water solution, rinse, and vacuum when dry.

Furniture depressions: The little indentations left by furniture feet can seem permanent, but there is an easy trick to get the spot to puff up again. Steam the area with an iron and then use a spoon or butter knife to gently lift the carpet fibers.

If you’ve tried these tricks and your carpets still seem to be suffering, give us a call at ServiceMaster Cleaning by Simons for our carpet cleaning services in Chicago, IL.


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