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Disaster Restoration 101: Mold Remediation


mold remediationThough mold seems like an innocuous organism, when found indoors it can cause quite a bit of trouble. Homeowners should be leery of this fungus if they notice it has crept into their homes. Late July through the beginning of fall is when most notice this pest lurking about. Mold removal in Chicago should be handled by a professional, like ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons, to ensure that each aspect of the infestation is fully remediated.

Where will I find mold?
Typically, mold and water damage go hand in hand. If you recently had a flooded basement or burst pipe, remaining moisture may still be present in hard to see places or behind walls. Mold thrives in damp, dark places, which makes basement corners and underneath sinks ideal locations for colonies to form. If you see a mold colony form on a wall in your home, chances are part of that colony also exists behind that wall.

Why can’t I remove mold myself?
There are many store brands that claim you can remove mold from your home by yourself. Though these products may be effective for small areas, they won’t stand a chance against larger colonies.

One common method that people try is to clean up mold with bleach and water. This removes the surface colony, but doesn’t fully solve the problem. Hidden mold may still exist, and now the mold spores of the colony have been disturbed and may relocate to a different damp, dark space.

Finally, mold can cause severe allergic reactions in some people. Most homeowners just don’t have the proper protective equipment and respirators to safely and effectively perform mold removal.

What does mold remediation mean?
Though mold removal is a part of mold remediation, the terms are not totally interchangeable. Mold remediation includes removing colonies, restoring the indoor air quality by removing spores, repairing any damaged structures or walls, and fixing potential causes of the mold, such as continued water damage. Mold removal is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to restoring your home and reclaiming it from the fungus.

ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons provides complete mold remediation for Chicago homeowners and business owners. Contact us today for more information about our restoration services, or to schedule mold remediation for your building.


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