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Common Odors That Occur When Carpet Cleaning Services in Chicago, IL are Neglected


Carpets see a lot of action, especially in areas where traffic passes through daily. Because so much happens to your carpets, it makes sense that they need regular care and upkeep to stay clean and odor-free. At ServiceMaster Cleaning by Simons, we provide professional carpet cleaning services in Chicago, IL so you can easily maintain your floors.

Unpleasant odors can quickly appear when carpets don’t receive regular cleaning. These common odors can be impossible to cover up and difficult to remove once they are established.

  • Mildew smells appear when moisture and warmth is consistently present in your carpets. While mildew and mold are both types of fungi, mildew is usually identifiable by the sour, musty smell and pale coloring.
  • Pet odors are the most common culprits of unpleasant scents in carpets. Urine, feces, and other kinds of pet waste are usually the reason for carpet odor, but even pet hair and dandruff can give off a scent if allowed to accumulate.
  • Tobacco smoke clings to soft materials like hair, cloth, and carpet fibers. Smoke odors deeply permeate your carpets, making it extremely difficult to completely remove without the right products and equipment.
  • Dirt and motor oil are slow to buildup, but can eventually cause carpets to smell musky and acrid. Motor oils are actually introduced to carpets often, and the greasy particles aren’t water soluble, so they can be very difficult to clean.
  • Old carpets can get that sweaty smell of old clothing because the fibers in your carpet will break down, and non-plastic fibers will start to rot. It’s best to just replace old carpets because they can give off allergy-forming dusts.
  • Beer and alcohol will stain and crust into your carpet fibers. Old alcohol can start to smell like a hospital in the worst kind of way.
  • Food and grease is present in everyone’s home, and it can be difficult to keep off the carpets, especially with children around. However, regular cleanings can easily remove this inevitable odor source.

If your carpets aren’t regularly cleaned and maintained, it’s likely one of these common sources of odor will start to become evident. Keep odors out of your carpets and contact ServiceMaster Cleaning by Simons today for our professional cleaning services in Chicago, IL.


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