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Commercial Fire Damage Repair in Chicago, IL


ServiceMaster by Simons Provides Fire Restoration Services for Businesses and Other Offices

After a fire, the damage can be severe, and there are likely many questions and concerns. Those concerns can be increased if the affected building is a school that an entire community depends upon. Timing is everything, and the quicker the affected area is cleaned up, the less the likelihood of irreversible damage. That is why ServiceMaster by Simons in Chicago, IL is here for all your commercial fire restoration needs. We will quickly formulate a plan and immediately begin the fire damage repair.

It is very important to choose professionals that will use the proper cleaning techniques as quickly as possible to avoid further damage. IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification) certified companies, such as ServiceMaster by Simons, employ highly trained and certified technicians who will ensure your commercial building is restored properly. Fire and smoke cause immediate damage to areas of the building not directly impacted by flames. Within minutes, any appliances and furniture can be stained from the acidic residue in soot. After a few hours, walls can develop a yellow hue. Within a few days, damages can be extremely costly to repair; costs that could have been minimized by utilizing timely and professional restoration processes.

Commercial buildings are typically much larger than the average home. However, ServiceMaster by Simons is equipped to handle even the largest fire damage repair needs. We will come on site as soon as possible and assess the entire situation. Once we formulate a plan, we will immediately begin the commercial fire restoration process. We will also make sure the area is completely deodorized so there are no noticeable traces of a fire event. Our technicians will quickly have your commercial building restored and ready to operate again. Every lost day can be very costly, and we will work hard to ensure you are satisfied with our timely results.

If your building has recently been affected by a fire, call ServiceMaster by Simons of Chicago, IL for your commercial fire damage repair needs!