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Christmas & Holiday Lighting Safety Tips for Chicago Residents


    ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons provides fire restoration for house fires during the holidays.

    Holiday House FireOkay, so you’re late to the party, but at least you are trying to decorate for the holiday season. Like so many of us other procrastinators, you are finally putting up your outdoor Christmas lights, and the pressure is on from the spouse and kids to light up the house so Santa can find them. You will likely put the lights up as quickly as possible so you can get back indoors where it’s warm. ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons is here to remind you to make sure you are installing lights safely and correctly, as we get phone calls each year from customers in Chicago, IL that need fire restoration due to improperly installed Christmas lights.

    One very common mistake is that people use lights clearly labeled for indoor use…outdoors. This is extremely dangerous because these types of lights are not designed to handle the outdoor elements. Any combination of rain, melting snow, and frigid temperatures can cause these light strings to short and spark, creating a light display you had not originally considered!

    Another recipe for disaster is the rat’s nest of electrical cords that all get plugged in to the same outlet without surge protecting power splitters or strips. This is a nightmare waiting to happen. You are overloading the circuit, which is never a good idea. Plus, not all plugs are created equal. With differing sizes and shapes, you often find yourself with plugs that don’t work well together, and a plug or two that just won’t seat completely into the power strip. Plugs that don’t completely seat leave exposed prongs that can easily shock anyone grabbing them. They also allow moisture to seep into the power strip. As shocking as it sounds, moisture and exposed electrical components are never a good mix. Please make sure you use proper power strips and you never plug a power strip or splitter into another strip or splitter.

    It is our sincerest hope that you enjoy a safe and happy holiday season. If you experience a fire situation in Chicago that requires immediate fire restoration, please give ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons a call. Let us repair the fire damage and put your home back in order as quickly and efficiently as possible.


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