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Chicago Fine Art Restoration and Antique Restoration- Experience Counts.


fine art restoration, antique restoration, servicemaster restoration by simonsChicago Fine Art Restoration and Antique Restoration

by ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons

Restoring a building and its contents after a fire or flood is a big job and one that takes time, professional training and attention to detail. And that’s just for the routine items such as carpets, furniture, walls and floors. However, many public and commercial buildings in Chicago may also contain valuable works of fine art such as paintings, sculptures, framed historical photos, wall hangings, maps, or mosaics, not to mention antiques or other collectibles. These items may be part of the décor in an office complex or hospital, pieces in an educational display at a school, or comprise a special collection of artifacts reflecting the long history of an institution or company. These expensive and perhaps irreplaceable items require special attention during the fine art restoration and antique restoration process.

Depending on the type of fire, the resulting smoke and soot can deposit a fine dust or an oily residue, leaving chemicals that will immediately begin to interact with the paint or surface of an object. Restoration of these items should begin as soon as possible before further damage occurs. In disasters involving water, moisture can easily seep into mats and framing materials, or the backing of paintings causing bubbles, bulges or bleed through. An immediate concern is mold, which can destroy or discolor any kind of paper-based material.

Antiques or sculptures can be a special problem. Given their age, some surfaces need to be restored but not cleaned. Thoroughly cleaning some items can remove their patina, the coating that accumulates over time, and lower their value considerably.

Training and experience count when it comes to fine art and antique restoration. If your facility includes these types of valuable items, consider a restoration service that goes beyond fire and smoke damage restoration or flood and water damage restoration. When you need professional fire, flood, or water damage restoration services in the greater Chicago area, ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons does it all. With the utmost care and efficiency, we provide you with confidence and peace of mind in the knowledge that your precious items are being professionally restored and properly returned to their appropriate pre-damaged condition.