Chicago Carpet Cleaning Pros Return Carpets to Snowy White

Carpet Cleaning in Chicago by ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons

chicago carpet cleaning

Winter is quickly approaching, whether we like the colder weather or not! It’s time to wrap up outdoor projects and construction and turn your focus indoors. During the summer, you may have neglected your Chicago area home in favor of spending those short summer months outside. Now that dropping degrees have forced you to spend more time inside, it’s easier to notice that you’ve been neglecting your house, in particular, that once white carpet which is now a dingy, tan color. Luckily, ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons has the professional Chicago carpet cleaning experience and tools required to make your carpet as clean as the day it was installed, just in time for the winter months.

With all the traffic in and out of your home during the summer, there is sure to be a variety of stains and dirt in high traffic areas of your home. Dirt and soil have been repeatedly ground into the fibers of the carpeting, while kids or pets may have added a few extra stains, making your carpet more of a watercolor pattern than the solid white you originally bought. ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons will start by determining the best carpet cleaning method for your carpet, then pre-treat any stains or spots, and apply our special solution to loosen ground-in dirt and soil. That’s when the real work on the carpets in your Chicago area home begins.

Water is a natural cleanser and carpet cleaning is no exception to it. Clean, hot water will loosen the last of the dirt that has bound to the fibers in your carpet so that we can more easily lift it out. Our professional carpet cleaning tools will thoroughly lift our all of the dirt, stains, and water from your carpet, freshening your floors and home with just a simple carpet cleaning.

ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons will never leave your home until you are completely satisfied with the results. We follow up our carpet cleaning process with post-treatment of any residual stains. A quick trim and final dry will give your carpet a nice unified appearance that possibly looks better than the day your carpet was installed. As always, we’ll make sure your furniture is protected all throughout the process and that you are completely satisfied with your carpet cleaning experience.

The same process is applied to commercial and residential buildings. Our technicians are skilled and experienced in providing a thorough and complete clean for your home. Contact ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons today for all your Chicago carpeting cleaning services.

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