Benefits of Carpet Cleaning After Office Parties and Events in Chicago

ServiceMaster Cleaning by Simons provides commercial cleaning services throughout the Chicago area.

Wine, coffee, food—it’s all victim to the power of gravity. This is especially unfortunate for your carpeted office floors, and during the holiday season there can be a lot more wear and tear on your company’s carpets. That’s where we come in. ServiceMaster Cleaning by Simons offers professional carpet cleaning services in the Chicago, IL area. Call us for after-party cleaning to get rid of pesky stains and odors.

Office parties can be incredibly destructive to your carpets, especially in the winter when salt on the roads clings to your employees’ shoes. Every time someone walks in from outside salt and mud gets tracked across the carpets, and this can be increased tenfold during an office party. Taking advantage of our carpet cleaning services after an office party will remove the salt before it damages the carpet permanently.

Wine is a common refreshment at office parties, and more likely than not, some of it will end up on the floor. It leaves a sticky residue and a woefully hard to remove stain. To keep wine stains from sticking even more than they immediately do, call us for our carpet cleaning services and we will clean up the mess quickly.

Coffee is also a stain-maker that probably made a splash or two onto your carpets even before any holiday office parties. The older these stains get, the more difficult they are to clean out of your carpets. However, we can remove any new or old coffee stains to keep your office looking clean and professional.

Any food your company serves at office parties is the last thing you want stuck in your carpets. Food stains are smelly, greasy, and generally unwanted. Our carpet cleaning services have the means to remove food stains of all kinds, no matter how oily or deeply squished into your carpets.

Once the parties and celebrating are through, give ServiceMaster Cleaning by Simons a call! We will get your office back to its pre-office party glory. We offer extensive carpet cleaning services in the Chicago area for all of your office floors.

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