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ServiceMaster Chicago – Water Damage Restoration Chicago- Fire Damage Restoration Chicago – Post-Construction Cleaning Chicago


ServiceMaster Chicago, an IICRC-certified cleaning & restoration company is available for emergency service 24/7/365.  Emergency services include Water Damage Restoration, Water Damage Cleanup, Sewage Cleanup, Flood Cleanup, Fire Damage Restoration, Fire Damage Cleanup, Smoke Odor Removal, Post-Construction Cleaning, and a host of other Specialty Cleaning services including Emergency Cleaning and Basement Cleanups for homes and businesses in Chicago.



If your Chicago home or business requires Water Damage Cleanup & Restoration as a result of flooding, sewage backup, pipe freezes, or an appliance malfunction, immediately contact ServiceMaster Chicago at 773-376-1110.


ServiceMaster Chicago – Water Damage Resources 



If your Chicago home or business requires Fire Damage Restoration, Fire Damage Cleanup, Smoke Odor Removal, Soot Cleanup, Structural Cleaning, or Content Cleaning, immediately contact ServiceMaster Chicago at 773-376-1110


ServiceMaster Chicago – Fire Damage Resources 



Find out why ServiceMaster Chicago has such high ratings when it comes to our Specialty Cleaning Services.  Call and consult with one of our Cleaning Experts for Post Construction Cleaning, Hoarder Cleanup, or even Basement Cleanup.  Don’t wait, call us at 773-376-1110.


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Learn More About Our Specialty Cleaning and Disaster Restoration Services. Read On!  


Water Damage Restoration? We’re On It!


Problems with water damage to your home or business property are endless; roof leaks, pipe leaks to a fire sprinkler failure, severe rainstorms to sewer backups. Let’s work together to prevent further potential water damage. ServiceMaster Chicago will take swift action immediately with our Specialty Cleaning Services!

Our speedy response reduces your stress and saves you money. Our experienced and IICRC-certified restoration professionals use advanced products, techniques, and equipment to provide the best Specialty Cleaning Service and protection for your furnishing and property.


24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year



ServiceMaster Chicago Water Damage Game Plan?


1) Stop Water Leak | 2) Water Removal | 3) Dry The Area | 4) Remove Damaged Contents | 5) Deep Clean & Sanitize | 6) Restore


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Common Water Damage Questions 

To help you better understand what you can expect to pay in the event of water damage, we’ve used our years of experience to break the process down.  The actual cost of emergency water damage restoration services varies largely for two main reasons. First, the pricing of a job is completed on a case-by-case basis. Second, different companies will always offer different quotes for the same job. Determining how much a particular job will cost is easy — simply ask for a quote.

However, we caution our customers to look beyond a simple verbal quote or over-the-phone estimate.  Instead, make sure your contractor offers you a written quote breaking down all of the individual costs of the operation so you have the documents in your records and for your convenient reference.  Not all contractors do this automatically, so be sure to ask for it specifically.

Understanding how a contractor prices a job:

Generally, the more water a contractor is dealing with, the higher you will be charged.

Other factors of consideration include:

  • The height of the water
  • The amount of water that still needs to be extracted
  • Water type
    • There are three categories of water:
      • Clean water which does not pose any health risks
      • Greywater comes from sources with physical, biological, or chemical pollutants like kitchen wastewater or laundry water. Greywater can cause illness or discomfort to those exposed to it or consuming it.
      • Blackwater is highly toxic and absolutely unsanitary. This includes sewage and floodwater.
    • Obviously, you can expect to pay more if the water type is dangerous and therefore requires more effort to clean.
  • Size of the affected area
    • This is usually measured by square feet.
  • The extent of the damage
  • The materials involved

Residential Water Damage Cleanup services can sometimes average between $3000 – $10,000 and
Commercial Water Damage Cleanup services can sometimes range between $3000 and $30,000.

Insurance policies cover 100 percent of emergency water damage restoration services, excluding your policy’s deductible. We make sure the damage is covered by your insurance policy. We prevent further losses and advocate on your behalf. Let us help guide you through the process to ensure this will not be a financial burden upon your home or business.
Drying time is determined by a combination of factors, including the location, duration, and source of water, the types of building materials, the weather conditions, and how quickly emergency services begin. Through consistent monitoring and evaluation of the drying process, we can determine when the drying is complete. We will be in constant communication with you about where we are along in the process and exactly when you’re able to return to your home or business.

Not necessarily. We will adjust the temperature to its optimum setting for the proper drying conditions. Please do not change the setting or shut off the HVAC system. If you do, you may prolong the drying process.

Additionally, opening your windows to assist the drying process is not always recommended. Outside weather conditions may vary, so the technician will determine when and if the outside air is appropriate.

There are a few reasons your carpet may not be salvageable, including:
Delamination (occurs when the backing separates from the carpet fiber)
Loss of adhesion (may be caused by prolonged exposure to water or the age of the carpet)
Permanent stains
Carpet covers wood flooring (to salvage the wood flooring)
Our technicians will evaluate moisture content, determine the severity of the damage, and may have to remove some of your ceilings for ventilation. Wet insulation can also be a hazard and may need to be removed.
Wood flooring must be evaluated during the drying process. We employ specialized drying systems and dehumidifiers that enable us to create an environment where wood floors can dry more efficiently and resume their original shape. Due to the density of hardwood flooring and urethane finishes, drying may take up to three weeks or longer. If you filed a claim, your insurance adjuster will work with you to make the final decision as to whether floors will need to be refinished or replaced.
If you file an insurance claim, you may receive guidance from your insurance representative. However, this is a decision you must reach on your own. Here are several things to consider. Safety is paramount. Our equipment is as childproof as possible, but we require your supervision to make sure no children play with it. Air movers and dehumidifiers will create noise and make your property drafty for a few days. It is important that the equipment remains on, so if the noise is disruptive to you, you might want to consider an alternate place to stay.
It is not unusual to smell odors during the drying process. Increased heat and humidity can also lead to increased odors that may be coming from the drying building materials, or dormant spill and accident areas. Do not confuse these normal odors with the odor of mold. As the drying process continues and humidity levels drop, you’ll notice these odors disappearing on their own. Deodorizers are often used to minimize these effects as well.
Hard surfaces can be cleaned and sanitized. Affected items that cannot be sanitized require disposal. Porous materials such as drywall, ceiling tiles, insulation, particleboard, paneling, etc., that have been directly affected should be removed during the emergency service visit.




Fire Damage? ServiceMaster in Chicago is on It!


Let us help you handle the unexpected. We provide soot cleaning, Smoke Odor Removal, fire and water restoration, and reconstruction services. ServiceMaster is here to make this process as painless as possible. We Specialty Clean and Restore your structure and content so it feels like your home or business again. 

Our speedy response reduces your stress and saves you money. Our experienced restoration professionals use advanced products, techniques, and equipment to provide the best restorative service available and protection for your furnishing and property.


24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year



Game plan?


1) Confirm Safe To Enter | 2) Remove Debris & Soot | 3) Improve Air Quality | 4) Remove Water | 5) Deep Clean & Remove Items | 6) Restore



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Frequently Asked Fire Damage Questions

Costs can range from $1,000 and $30,000. These numbers represent ranges of price or a “ballpark” estimate. Fire & Smoke Damage can range in intensity and level of damage to your property. It’s important to contact ServiceMaster Restoration By Simons to begin the consulting and estimating process as soon as possible.
Several factors affect cost. Size of fire or smoke damage, the intensity of damage, and type of materials burned in a fire. A factor that is often overlooked is the type of extinguishing agent used to put out the fire. Was water used? An inert gas like nitrogen or argon? Or a chemical agent like potassium carbonate?
Of course, you can attempt to clean smoke and soot damage yourself. And you may be successful at it, but the chances of success are slim for you. Smoke & Soot Cleaning requires special processes, training, and skill. The IICRC establishes these processes. As a certified IICRC firm for Fire & Water Damage, we recommend that you make sound decisions that work for you. If, after you’ve attempted to clean the damage yourself, you feel that you still need a professional service, immediately call ServiceMaster Restoration By Simons at 773-376-1110 for professional Fire & Smoke Damage Cleanup and Smoke & Soot Cleaning.
Most property insurance covers 100 percent of your fire damage cost, but you’re responsible for paying a set deductible. Your agent is your best resource for coverage information, and our staff can help you navigate the process.
Don’t remove furnishings or belongings from damaged areas until your carrier gives you the OK. Your insurance company has to establish the fire’s origin and cause, and you don’t want to slow the adjuster’s process.
Estimating a Chicago Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration, Smoke Odor Removal, or a Soot Cleaning project on the phone is virtually impossible. A ServiceMaster Restoration By Simons project manager needs to inspect the premises visually, take measurements and assess the level and intensity of the fire & smoke damage to your property before an estimate can be produced and presented.
Because there are many variables and many services involved in fire and smoke damage restoration, it is difficult to predict exactly how long the complete restoration will take.  Consult with your ServiceMaster Restoration By Simons restoration technician on the estimated dates and phases of your restoration project.
We suggest that you do not attempt any do-it-yourself cleaning methods without consulting ServiceMaster Restoration By Simons first.  Pretesting, using the right cleaning agent for the particular item, mixing deodorizing agents with cleaning solutions, and using correct dilution rates are just some of the ways a fire restoration technician expertly controls the results.  Professional cleaning systems and products used by experienced, trained ServiceMaster Restoration By Simons Fire & Smoke Restoration Technicians give you the best chance for complete restoration of your belongings.
At ServiceMaster Restoration By Simons, occupant and worker safety is a top priority.  During the initial inspection, safety hazards are identified and addressed, including debris removal, air quality, electrical hazards, slip and trip hazards, etc.  Burnt electrical cords and appliances are separated out for disposal, and questionable electrical appliances are unplugged and tagged for evaluation of the safe operation.  Electrical power may be turned off and kept off until evaluation by a licensed electrician.
We recommend that you not turn on your furnace or air conditioner unit without clearance from the HVAC contractor.
  • Cash
  • Checkbooks
  • Flammables
  • Gasoline Cans
  • Medications
  • Personal Documents
  • Pets
  • Stamp/Coin Collections
  • Valuable Jewelry
  • Valuable Art / Artwork
  • Weapons / Ammunition

We recommend that you make a list of items (including food items) deemed non-restorable.  Use an Excel-type format or obtain a similar form from your insurance company.  Make a copy for your insurance company and keep one for yourself.

Picture, pictures, pictures.  There’s no such thing as too many.  Document as much as possible including damaged personal items, food items, structural damage, and if possible, pictures of the source of the damage to your property.

This is ultimately your decision.  Some things you may want to consider are safety concerns, odors, electricity, noise from equipment, etc.  If vacating your premises for any length of time consider the following: forward your mail to your temporary residence; stop newspaper and other deliveries; notify the utility company, Cable Company, etc., of the temporary suspension of services.
There are some items that may require general contractors such as drywall/painting; electrical; plumbing; roofing; framing/finish carpentry; flooring/carpet; installation of doors, windows, and cabinets.  ServiceMaster Restoration By Simons offers a full line of Post Construction Cleaning Services.  Please inquire.
Depending on the source, nature, and extremity of the fire, it may be best to remove all belongings to a secure facility for cleaning, and storage and to make room for the restoration or construction.  ServiceMaster Restoration By Simons will work with you and your insurance claims representative to manage this process.
With advance notice, we can schedule a time for a ServiceMaster Restoration By Simons representative to meet with you and provide access to your requested items.  A service charge may apply.
Some high-value items require restoration by a specialist.  Working with your insurance claims representative, we can help you identify these and locate a qualified restorer.
Ultimately you, the property owner, are responsible for payment and will need to sign a form authorizing payment for the restoration services.  In many cases, if this is an insurance claim, ServiceMaster Restoration By Simons generally collects only the deductible (co-payment) amount from you and bills the balance to your insurance provider as a service to you.  If you have a large loss, your mortgage company may be included as a payee on the payment from your insurance company, and you may need to obtain a signature from them as well.  If your claim is not covered by insurance or you decide not to file a claim, you will be expected to pay in full.



We Make Post Construction Cleaning Fast, Easy, & Efficient


When your home or business construction project is complete, you can count on ServiceMaster Restoration By Simons to provide Post Construction Cleaning that properly removes leftover dust and debris from your home and business improvement projects.

Our team has decades of experience in Specialty Cleaning in Chicago and its suburbs, and we work with the most advanced, and environmentally conscious products and equipment in the industry. You should feel proud to unveil the new additions to your home without dealing with any messes that general contractors and their construction workers leave behind.

ServiceMaster Restoration By Simons guarantees that you’ll experience above-and-beyond customer service and fast, effective results! 



Post-Construction Cleaning services we provide include the following:


  • Vacuuming
  • Dusting air diffusers
  • Cleaning lights within the construction area
  • Cleaning windows
  • Refinishing floors
  • Cleaning restroom fixtures
  • Spot cleaning interior glass
  • Spot cleaning walls
  • Spot-treating affected carpet areas
  • Damp mopping of hard-surface floors
  • And more!


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Additional Information 


ServiceMaster Chicago Provides Fire Damage Restoration & Water Damage Restoration For Commercial & Residential Properties In Chicago IL. ServiceMaster – Chicago’s Trusted Name In Disaster Cleanup And Restoration Services for Over 65 Years


We are Chicago’s first choice for Fire Damage Restoration, Water Damage Restoration, Post-Construction Cleaning, and Hoarder Cleaning.  ServiceMaster Chicago is an IICRC Certified Master Water Restorer and Master Fire & Smoke Restorer.  We are also members of the Restoration Industry Association (RIA).  We take pride in providing Certified, Professional Fire & Water Damage Restoration and Specialty Cleaning Services in Chicago.

If your commercial or residential property has been affected by Water Damage or Fire Damage, rely on a company that is nationally certified to provide professional Water Restoration & Fire Restoration Services in the Chicago land area.


ServiceMaster Chicago Disaster Restoration Services


ServiceMaster Chicago is a woman-owned and family-operated Specialty Cleaning & Disaster Restoration company centrally located in Chicago, that provides Specialty/Project Cleaning and Emergency Mitigation Services for commercial and residential properties including:



Our Specialty Cleaning Services Include:



From Pilsen to Prairie District, Lincoln Park to Galewood or Rogers Park to Edison Park, ServiceMaster Chicago has you covered with our Specialty Cleaning Services

We are an IICRC-certified firm with nationally certified Master Water Restorers, Master Fire Restorers, and Master Textile Restorers on staff.  That means we know what we’re talking about when it comes to Water Damage, Fire Damage Cleaning, and Specialty Cleaning of your commercial or residential property, so call us today.


Why ServiceMaster Chicago?


As a woman-owned and family-operated firm, ServiceMaster Chicago IL takes great pride in meeting and exceeding the expectations of our customers. Behind our commitment to excellence are five key attributes that compose who we are and what sets us apart from other companies.


  • We Are Experts and define industry standards in scale and scope with an adaptable, extensive network of ServiceMaster Clean franchises that consistently deliver exceptional results
  • We Are Committed to customer satisfaction and are directed in all we do by their needs.
  • We Are Complete and look to provide excellent service and engage in proactive behavior.
  • We Are Driven to pursue the highest standards and continuously improve in all aspects of our business.
  • We Are Steadfast.  ServiceMaster Chicago is here for the long haul with consistent service that ensures ongoing customer satisfaction.



We Are Highly Reviewed


Don’t just take our word for it.  Check out our great reviews, search our great blogs and articles, or check out our website.

You can also check out our HIGHLY RATED Google page.


With our convenient locations in Chicago’s City Center and our North Shore location in Skokie IL, we get out to your property quickly. We clean and restore your commercial and residential property – FAST!


Property Owner, Property Manager, Insurance Professional, or Real Estate Professional, ServiceMaster Chicago, has got you covered.  We’ve served Chicagoland and its suburbs for over 65 years.


We own and maintain the industry’s best restoration equipment for Fire Damage Cleanup & Water Damage Cleanup and we’ve got PLENTY of it!  We utilize ServiceMaster Restore’s proprietary Water & Fire Damage Remediation equipment to make sure that your home or business is restored to pre-loss conditions.


State-of-the-Art Drying Systems including


  • Air Movers
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Wood Floor Drying Systems
  • Negative Air Scrubbers
  • Water Extractors
  • Odor Elimination Machines


State-of-the-Art Moisture Detecting Systems including


  • Thermal Imaging Cameras
  • Moisture Measurement Systems
  • Hygrometers



Why ServiceMaster Chicago?

ServiceMaster Chicago provides Commercial & Residential Disaster Restoration services like Fire & Water Damage Restoration and cleaning in the greater Chicago area. When your property has been affected by disaster and you need water damage cleanup, fire damage cleanup, and/or mold remediation and removal, our highly-trained, friendly staff will make sure your Chicago area home or business is restored to its former condition and your life gets back to normal – FAST!


Don’t Wait. Call Today!

If you’ve had Water Damage or Flood Damage as a result of Sewer Backup, Freezing, and Breaking Pipes, a faulty hot water heater or washing machine, or that pesky dishwasher, call us immediately!  Your property will be Dried, Dehumidified, and Disinfected — FAST!


We’ll Get You to Pre-Loss Conditions – FAST!

After your property is affected by Fire or Smoke Damage from a fire in your property or the property next door or you forgot dinner on the stove, call us immediately! We’ll clean the soot and smoke odor on your walls, ceilings, content, and clothing, and get your property back to pre-loss conditions — FAST!


Call ServiceMaster Chicago at 773-376-1110 or toll-free at 855-9-SIMONS


Or, contact us on our website and set up your appointment for Chicago Cleaning And Restoration Services.


Call ServiceMaster Chicago today

We provide Fire & Water Damage Restoration Services to all of Chicago’s near north and north neighborhoods including:

Albany Park, Bucktown, Edgewater, Humboldt Park, Lake View, Lincoln Park, Logan Square, Near North, North Center, North Park, Ravenswood, Sauganash, West Town, and Wicker Park to name a few. 

We also serve Chicago’s near-west suburbs including Berwyn IL, Cicero IL, Edison Park IL, Elmwood Park IL, Forest Park IL, Harwood Heights IL,  Norridge IL, Norwood IL, Oak Park IL, River Forest IL, and Riverwoods IL to name a few. 

ServiceMaster Chicago also provides the very finest specialty cleaning services including Hoarder Cleanup and Post-Construction Cleanup for the City of Chicago and its suburbs including Park Ridge, Lincolnwood, Des Plaines, Rosemont, Evanston, Skokie, Niles, Morton Grove, Glenview, Wilmette, Winnetka, Kenilworth Northfield, and Glencoe IL.