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Lake Forest, IL Hoarder and Clutter Cleaning

    Hoarder and Clutter Cleaning Lake Forest - Illinois - ServiceMaster Cleaning By Simons

    Hoarder and Clutter Cleaning Lake Forest IL – ServiceMaster Cleaning By Simons


    ServiceMaster By Simons is Lake Forest’s Trusted Name in Professional Cleaning Services, Offering Thorough, and Discreet Hoarder and Clutter Cleaning For Homes, Apartments and Senior Facilities in Lake Forest IL




    There are many dangers involved with hoarding that can make anyone who knows someone struggling with extreme clutter quite concerned. Some of the potential results of prolonged hoarding include:


    • A house or apartment fire if flammable items are piled near heat sources.
    • Health problems caused by animal feces, mold and lack of sanitation.
    • Homelessness if the hoarding endangers other people’s lives or violates building codes.
    • Injury from tripping over piles.


    All these potential consequences are best to avoid if possible. Those residing and working in Lake Forest IL can turn to ServiceMaster Cleaning By Simons for our hoarder cleanup services to help keep any of these events from happening.


    At ServiceMaster Cleaning By Simons, we possess an understanding of those suffering from hoarding disorder and struggling with extreme clutter. Our technicians work patiently and carefully with our clients to ensure the entire process is done as smoothly as possible. Our hoarder clutter cleaning services include:


    • Full removal of all “tagged” items.
    • Hauling of appliances.
    • Cleaning of affected dwelling, including all bathrooms and kitchens.
    • Making arrangements to have appliances, furniture and other items donated to your favorite charity or thrift shop.
    • Full home repair and reconstruction packages.
    • Full painting packages.


    Removing the piles of objects may actually be the first of many cleaning jobs necessary in a clutter-filled home. Over time, mold, bacteria, and dirt may build up in areas, creating the need for continued sanitization and cleaning.


    When the time is right, give ServiceMaster By Simons a call at 847-316-9145 and request our hoarder clutter cleaning services for your Lake Forest IL residence.